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Chinu Kala

From leaving home at 15 to starting Ruban Accessories, Chinu Kala’s story is all...

To all those people who think that they cannot make it big, Chinu’s story of being a rebel and taking control of her life will definitely inspire you.
Reasons why entrepreneurship is awesome

10 Reasons why entrepreneurship is awesome

There are endless reasons for why entrepreneurship is great. Here are ten simple but powerful reasons, in no particular order, why entrepreneurship is so awesome
employee onboarding process

5 Tips for improving your employee onboarding process

The most important decision you'll make as a manager is how well you keep your team together. Your team is the key to your company's success.
Embibe Aditi Avasthi

From failing to crack IIT to assisting aspirants, Aditi Avasthi’s ed-tech startup Embibe is...

The startup has received a total of 590 crores since February 2020 as funding from Reliance Industries
Nikhil Kamath

At 34, Zerodha’s Nikhil Kamath is the youngest billionaire, Mukesh Ambani remains wealthiest

India’s Richest list of 2020 by Forbes is here and all eyes on the youngest billionaire in the list of top 100, Nikhil Kamath, the founder of the biggest stock brokerage company in India, Zerodha.
What is SharePoint

What is SharePoint? Your quick guide

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most widely used office collaboration platforms in the world.
Ways name badges help a company succeed

5 Ways name badges help a company succeed

There is power in great branding, and wearing a name badge is one branding strategy. Employees wear a badge that promotes company visibility and fosters harmonious work relations.
early learning at home

What can your child gain with early learning at home?

Right from birth, children learn by playing and discovering in a safe and motivating environment. You have a dynamic role in what your child learns during these early years. 
advertising space for optimal business exposure

Top places to buy advertising space for optimal business exposure

Understanding where to place these advertisements is a crucial part of making the most of your investment to ensure that your business continues to thrive.
Setting up solid security for your company

Setting up solid security for your company’s new location

There are several options to consider based on the size of your property, adjacent parking areas, and the level of security that you need.
purchasing a sawmill

5 Things you need to decide before purchasing a sawmill

According to OSHA, working in a sawmill is one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States. Yet, people buy sawmills to make their lives easier. To ensure safety when dealing with a sawmill, you need to know what to consider when buying one.
Product Information Management

Product Information Management Software: 6 Benefits Your SMB Could Use

By the year 2024, the Product Information Management (or PIM for short) software market is expected to reach an $11.4 billion valuation.
franchise in Australia

Benefits of buying a franchise in Australia

The best franchising opportunities in Australia have many advantages, especially for those who have little experience in the business. 
factors affecting the value of gold

The two driving factors affecting the value of gold

Gold is a sought-after investment not just in making jewellery but used in a lot of industries, including the medical and electronic fields.
benefits of renting office space

Top 4 benefits of renting office space while your company is small

Here are just a few benefits that rented office space offers for companies that are still working to rake in the customers.
set your restaurant up for success

4 Tips to set your restaurant up for success

Whether you're about to start a new business or are already in the early days of restaurant ownership, a startup restaurant can be hard to get off the ground. Here are four of the top pieces of advice for any aspiring restauranteur.
subscription payment software

Reasons why your business needs subscription payment software

Using subscription payment software will allow the provider to deliver exceptional customer service and increase its retention rate instantly. Thus, more businesses have been convinced that investing in reliable software is indeed worth every penny.
register a business

Questions to ask before you register a business?

Before you even start your application to register a business, you must have all the data you need on hand.
buying a property in Sydney c

5 Factors to look for when buying a property in Sydney

If you plan on buying a property of your own there, buyers’ agents in Sydney will provide all the help you need.
build an agritourism business

What you need to build an agritourism business from the ground up

Agritourism is growing rapidly as a major real estate development opportunity. Even if you do not have much experience with land management, you might be able to invest in a piece of land for farming or ranching purposes.