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Work from home

How to prepare yourself to work from home

Working from home is not the same as working from an office. Making this transition is often challenging, but taking these three steps can prepare you to make the change.
bike rental business

How to build an affordable bike rental business in New York City

The crowd does not just consist of the health freak crowd, but there are also tourists and even college-going students who are looking to find affordable bike rental in NYC.
best PEO for your business

How to choose the best PEO for your business

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) can be more than beneficial for your business. Here are several tips to help you choose the best PEO. 
Ed-tech startups

Ed-tech startups making learning fun and interactive for the kids

We have listed a few educational game apps that have made the learning process more engaging and children friendly.
How to stay focused and motivated

How to stay focused and motivated while starting a business

The hardest thing about entrepreneurship is the constant rejection. Here are some tips on how to stay focused and remain motivated while starting a business.
answering service

How an answering service can help your customer service

Let’s go over how hiring a quality answering service can help your business.

e-PR Inc: The creation of an automated PR service

E-PR is an online platform that helps connect clients interested in digital advertising with media websites on which the client can advertise on.
lessons from successful entrepreneurs

8 Things entrepreneurial people do differently

There are aspects of the entrepreneurial mindset that will enrich your work and life. Here are 8 things entrepreneurial people do differently.
business plan

Five critical questions your business plan should answer

Ask not what you can do for your business plan. Ask instead what your business plan can do for you.
Anti Rape Chappal

Instead of Instagramming his concerns, Siddharth Mandala developed an anti rape chappal, Electroslipper

In 2015, Siddharth started to think of ways to do something that would stop rapes and came up with an anti rape slipper.
arushi agarwal

16 year old Arushi Agarwal, founder of Unknown16 is providing free virtual education to...

Along with this, Arushi also happens to be a UN Climate Action Speaker and activist. She has also launched her first book Project: Hackathon which is available on Amazon.
exchange traded funds

Investing in exchange traded funds

Exchange-traded funds are often described to be a basket of securities as they consist of a combination of bonds, stocks, and other financial commodities.
NDIS support network

Finding reasons to smile with the NDIS support network

An NDIS provider is a third-party servicing team given the right to act as part of the body that implements and supports those in need.
Shure SE846 earphones

Important features to look for in earphones

There are thousands of earphones you can purchase that can give the right mix of lows, mids, and highs.
coworking space in Melbourne

Why you must get a coworking space in the city of Melbourne

What sets these coworking spaces apart from the regular office building is the several advantages they offer for independent contractors, small businesses, and other workers.
vending machines with healthy choices

Why vending machines with healthy choices will be the next big thing

Keep reading to learn more about this healthy trend, along with why we think it will become the next big thing for schools, workplaces, and public spaces.
Chinu Kala

From leaving home at 15 to starting Ruban Accessories, Chinu Kala’s story is all...

To all those people who think that they cannot make it big, Chinu’s story of being a rebel and taking control of her life will definitely inspire you.
Reasons why entrepreneurship is awesome

10 Reasons why entrepreneurship is awesome

There are endless reasons for why entrepreneurship is great. Here are ten simple but powerful reasons, in no particular order, why entrepreneurship is so awesome
employee onboarding process

5 Tips for improving your employee onboarding process

The most important decision you'll make as a manager is how well you keep your team together. Your team is the key to your company's success.
Embibe Aditi Avasthi

From failing to crack IIT to assisting aspirants, Aditi Avasthi’s ed-tech startup Embibe is...

The startup has received a total of 590 crores since February 2020 as funding from Reliance Industries