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importance of a positive work culture

The importance of a positive work culture in a startup

In addition to offering a unique service or product, startups also need to create their culture in the spirit of innovation, belonging, and team spirit.
Leadership and Motivation in business

Leadership and Motivation in business: 4 Factors that can be decisive for good leadership

In the business world, leadership and motivation have been subjects that have attracted the attention of many entrepreneurs over the years.
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: How to choose the right channel to fit your customers and...

Top 3 things to consider before choosing which platforms to use for your business.
Ways to improve on your startup

7 Ways to improve on your startup that will lead to investment increase

There is something to be said to gaining experience through real-life problem-solving in your business ventures, but you can save time by not learning lessons the hard way and fast-track your path to business success.
courses every self-taught entrepreneur needs to take

3 courses every self-taught entrepreneur needs to take in order to be successful

To make up for the lack of skills, an aspiring entrepreneur could always look to take courses to enhance his venture’s reach.
Getting feedback on your startup

Getting feedback on your startup: A quick guide

One of the most common mistakes in the startup environment is failing to get feedback at every stage of launch.

4 Most effective practices of successful startup owners

According to a report by IBM Institute, 90 percent of startups in India fail within 5 years of their inception. So, what is the reason?
4 Things You Will Need as You Start Your Own Business

4 Things you will need as you start your own business

Starting a new business can often be a challenging process, and it can be difficult to know where to begin.
Income Protection vs. Workers Compensation

Income Protection vs. Workers Compensation: Do you know the difference?

Those who aren't sure if they need their own policies review and compare income protection and worker's compensation insurance and the benefits of the policies.
commonly overlooked tax deductions

5 Things that count as tax deductible yet don’t get the press they deserve

Read on to find out about five of the most commonly overlooked tax deductions to prepare for the upcoming tax season.
Winter Storms Causing Business Blowouts 4 Steps to Protect Your Electrics

Winter storms causing business blowouts? 4 steps to protect your electrics

Doing everything that’s needed to keep your electrical system running during the cold winter months will decrease the chances of experiencing electrical blowouts in...
How to Help Your Small Business Plan for Office Emergencies c

How to help your small business plan for office emergencies

Most people don’t like to think about the possibility of serious emergencies occurring in the workplace.