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Types of usability testing methods

5 Types of usability testing methods for websites and businesses

Usability testing isn't a one-time thing. It should, therefore, be implemented to explore, assess, and compare the product.
academic writing style

Why is academic writing style important?

Some of the reasons academic writing style is relevant and why you should take it seriously when drafting your paper.
mistakes that can sink your entrepreneurship efforts

Critical mistakes that can sink your entrepreneurship efforts

A closer look at some of the more common pitfalls of entrepreneurship, and how you can overcome them.
Office Trends Likely To Be On The Rise In 2019

Office Trends Likely To Be On The Rise In 2019

Many office trends, such as embracing new technology and remote working, are at least familiar to most businesses, but the commitment by companies to making these changes is expected to be deeper in 2019.
LinkedIn account

4 reasons why one should have a LinkedIn account

With the growing popularity of social media, it is only important that everyone should join LinkedIn for a broader network and the benefits they offer.
enhance Mobile UX

How to enhance Mobile UX with mobile scanning technology

Here are ways in which the camera scanning feature has enhanced the mobile user experience.
more than just hard work to succeed as an entrepreneur

7 reasons you need more than just hard work to succeed as an entrepreneur

It is not just hard work which you need to put in to become an entrepreneur.

SoftBank’s renewed focus on early-stage companies in India

In India, SoftBank with its $100 Bn Vision Fund has led to several new entries in the unicorn club in the past few years.
Ritu Kaushik

Ritu Kaushik, a Haryana based 31-year-old housewife became a top Flipkart seller

Ritu Kaushik hails from a village near Sonipat Haryana, tops Flipkart seller earning of Rs 8 lakh a month right now.
lessons from successful entrepreneurs

7 Business tips lessons from successful entrepreneurs

If this is your first plunge into the entrepreneurial scene, it is always advisable to learn from other mistakes.
books you need to read

Six life changing books you need to read this year

Reading books is the easiest and most effective way to expand your knowledge about various topics.
drawbacks of entrepreneurship

Three drawbacks of entrepreneurship as a career choice

Drawbacks which you need to take into consideration before planning to become an entrepreneur.
financial mistakes

5 common financial mistakes all start-ups make and how to avoid them

Because of lack of experience or financial knowledge, every entrepreneur is bound to make some initial and crucial financial errors.
Mind maps

4 reasons every entrepreneur should use mind mapping

A mind map is a particularly useful technique that a lot of entrepreneurs swear by as it helps them break the creative blocks and make brainstorming sessions more fruitful.