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Bookthisbook: Recreating the magic of book at an affordable prices

Bookthisbook, allows the user to rent books at reasonable prices for reading.
know your brand better

4 ways by which entrepreneurs can know their brand better

Since you are the captain of the ship, it is your duty to know everything about the ship better.
benefits of working in startups than MNCs

These images tell you why working in startup is better than working in MNC

These wonderful creative images show the benefits of working in startups than MNCs.
budding entrepreneur

10 skills every budding entrepreneur and start-up founder should have

If you are you an entrepreneur and you are not sure about what it takes to boom your business, here are skills every entrepreneur should have.
Financial tips for entrepreneurs c

7 Financial tips for entrepreneurs and start-up founders

Entrepreneurs and start-up founders often struggle with dealing with finances.
get rid of sore eyes

6 ways to get rid of sore eyes from staring at a screen for...

Staring at your laptop screen or your smartphone all day might be necessary but it is extremely harmful as it affects your eyes.
Performers vs Non-Performers c

Performers vs Non-Performers: 6 ways in which performers actually focus

The difference between performers and non-performers is the way they focus on their job and what they want to achieve.
ways in which entrepreneur can advocate their team c

3 ways in which entrepreneur can advocate their team

It is your duty as an entrepreneur to advocate your team in order to work efficiently.
Flipkart in loss

Flipkart burns half of $6.1 Bn raised from SoftBank, Tencent, Tiger Global

The overall losses increased by 68 percent in FY17 to Rs 8,771.4 crore as compared to the previous fiscal

What is Cryptocurrency: Everything you need to know

What is cryptocurrency: 21st-century unicorn – or the money of the future?
Mukesh Ambani

Entrepreneurs, take heed! Here are Mukesh Ambani’s 5 career lessons

India's richest man doesn't share his trade secrets every day, but when he does, everyone pays attention.

Killer small business ideas to hit it big in 2018

A birth of a business idea is a pivotal moment in the life of an aspiring entrepreneur.
Social Media Marketing for startups

6 Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing for startups

There’s much more to social media marketing than it seems and you’ll need a lot of preparation in order to get it right.
Youngest Billionaires under 35 c

10 Youngest Billionaires under 35 years of age

Some have managed to crack the race faster, through outstanding ideas and hard work.
Vijay Shekhar Sharma became youngest Indian billionaire

Paytm Founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma became youngest Indian billionaire

Vijay Shekhar Sharma, ranked 1,394th on the list with a fortune of $1.7 billion, is the only Indian billionaire in the under-40 league.
secrets of top CEOs

Never told secrets of top CEOs about managing work better

Lessons from Richard Branson, Phil Libin, Jack Dorsey, and other successful CEOs.
if you want to be successful

25 Essential things you should learn if you want to be successful

The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.
Story Of Gaurav Rana

Story Of Gaurav Rana, From Collecting Cow Dung To Building A Rs 11 Crore...

At just 24, he has made his name in the start-up world and comes across as a charismatic young entrepreneur.
Indian women entrepreneurs

7 Indian women entrepreneurs who have carved a niche for themselves

Indian women have broken age old stereotypes and are rocking the entrepreneurial scene.