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Flipkart CFO Sanjay Baweja quits the company

Baweja, who was earlier an employee of Tata Communications joined Flipkart as the Chief Financial Officer two years back, has resigned from the job.

The new revolution Cabby cabs: P2P ride-sharing

P2P launched in April, 2016 has recently come up with its newest operation known as “Cabby cabs”. The operation is based in Mumbai but they have started pilot operations in Pune too.

Ratan Tata replaces Cyrus Mistry as the chairperson of Tata Sons

In a recent development in the corporate world, Cyrus Mistry who was selected to be the succeed Ratan Tata as the chairperson of the Tata group was sacked yesterday.

Microsoft launches Cybersecurity engagement centre in India

The technology giant Microsoft has recently launched a Cybersecurity Engagement centre in Gurgaon, Haryana which will help the company in identifying threats and manage them well on the cyber front.

Funded and acquired food blogging platform Cucumbertown to shut down soon

World’s first food blogging platform Cucumbertown to shut down its operation soon.

RailYatri raises fresh funding from Nandan Nilekani, Helion Ventures, Omidyar Partners and Blume Ventures

RailYatri, the train traveling consumer app startup, has raised fresh funding with participation from all its existing investors - Nandan Nilekani, Helion Ventures, Omidyar Partners and Blume Ventures.

Online travel companies MakeMyTrip and GoIbibo to merge services

The country’s biggest online travel portal, MakeMyTrip has recently acquired GoIbibo for a $2 billion deal which makes it India’s biggest acquisition in the online travel space.

Ola cabs launches its revolutionary offline services

Ola, has currently upgraded their technology and come up with a new and revolutionary feature called Ola Offline which gives customers the option of booking cabs even when they aren’t connected to the internet.

The 7 real reasons why startups fail

The market research firm CB Insights recently did a post-mortem on 135 failed startups. The reasons cited, however, fall into seven categories, each consisting of a specific emotional or intellectual limitation.

Is India’s great startup boom has come to an end?

After a sustained funding frenzy, investor enthusiasm for the country's tech startups has fallen sharply this year. Weaker firms are laying off employees and some have closed up shop altogether.

Cab market in India and how CabMe is disrupting it

In the wake of the hour, CabME, a homegrown cab service startup, is all set to create waves in the Indian travelling domain.

8 ways to expand your home-based business

With changing times, home-based businesses have grown leaps and bounds. Even if it is a business from home, one needs to work very hard to expand it and get customers.
management lessons entrepreneurs can learn from Mahabharata

5 management lessons entrepreneurs can learn from Mahabharata

The epic consists of many management lessons that entrepreneurs could derive out of it.

7 easy ways to become a people’s person

It is very important for an entrepreneur to be a people’s person because on a daily basis, he needs to interact with a wide range of people like investors, shareholders, employees, potential business clients, potential customers etc.

Internal and external funding for your business

Internal and external funding schemes can help your idea prosper. Here are a few ways to get funding.

7 mindsets an entrepreneur needs to adopt ASAP

It is necessary to remain in the business because suffering a setback isn’t easy and trying to build a company from scratch is definitely not easy.

Lessons every entrepreneur can learn from cartoon characters

Certain cartoon characters also impart lessons which can prove to be very helpful to an entrepreneur.

4 financial mistakes every entrepreneur makes

Managing finances is important for an entrepreneur and if your money skills aren’t strong, you might encounter problems in the later phases.
challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in India

5 challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in India

It isn’t very easy for women to break the age-old stereotypes and work as effortlessly as they’d like to.

5 Things only entrepreneurs can truly understand

Any job can give you the opportunity to learn hard lessons and find new ideas about the world, but only through entrepreneurship can you deeply understand these truths.