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motivation hacks for entrepreneurs

5 motivation hacks for entrepreneurs

Motivation hacks help you reach your goal faster and keeps procrastination in check. Here’s a list of motivation hacks that entrepreneurs can use.
books every entrepreneur must read

8 books every entrepreneur must read

Every entrepreneur needs inspiration to continue with the venture that s/he has set up. The success stories and the ups and downs encountered by people in this field is something they can definitely learn from.

Flipkart confirms at least 700 lay-offs to cut costs, says it’s a ‘common practice’

Flipkart is sacking at least 700 employees, or over 3 percent of its workforce, as it looks to cut costs to compete with rivals like Amazon and Snapdeal.

Top 5 pitfalls Indian e-commerce sellers should look out for

Here are 5 most common pitfalls that you, as an e-commerce seller, should look out for.

3 important qualities to hike sales results for your startup

All start-ups, companies, brands and services hope to increase sales for higher profits
successful Indian college dropout entrepreneurs C

7 college drop-outs who are successful entrepreneurs today

There are a lot of successful Indian entrepreneurs who are actually college dropouts and could make it big only because of their zeal to succeed.

The new startup mantra: “learn, try, fail, and repeat”

What if Steve Jobs never created Apple? What if Bill Gates decided to keep his Microsoft idea to himself?

Prisma: the app and the trend

Most people believe Prisma is just another editing app like Camera360, PicsArt or BeautyCam. But, this app actually allows you click pictures or select a picture from your gallery and turn the images in works of art.

6 Ways to manage small business success

Coping with small business success can be difficult and very stressful and requires various qualities and a structured format.

A report on Startup India: DIPP secretary Ramesh Abhishek

The new DIPP is serious when he takes the initiative of encouraging the budding startups in the country.

5 things you need to know about the Myntra-Jabong acquisition

The recent Myntra-Jabong acquisition has raised various anticipations and here are five things you should know about the acquisition.

Strategic marketing tips for startups

Marketing for a start-up is crucial because the public needs to know about the product/service offered and avail them.

The man who revolutionised social media – Mark Zuckerberg

There are many things we don’t know about the man at Harvard who started a social networking site only for his college which expanded and went on to become the world’s leading social network site.

Entrepreneurship 101: 7 Tips how to master never giving up

When entrepreneurs are hurled at with difficulties, they simply duck or give up which is a very wrong attitude to move forward with. Instead, we should attack the problem from the front and try solving it for the essential lessons it’ll impart.

4 essential considerations one needs to think of before setting up a venture

For aspiring entrepreneurs, it is essential to weigh certain pros and cons before venturing into a particular market.
Lessons an entrepreneur can learn from Rocket Singh

4 Lessons an entrepreneur can learn from Rocket Singh: Salesman of the year

A lot of people focus more on marketing and forget to focus on sales which can lead to the downfall of the company. This movie reminded us why it is important to focus on sales as well because that’s how profits are generated.

7 ways to supercharge your success

One can supercharge their success by certain ways in order to inspire themselves further as well as the other people around them.

Simple ways in which you can change your passion into a pay check

One shouldn’t give up their passion so easily and try and nurture it in spite of the hardships. Instead, one could follow these ways to encash on their passion.

6 ways in which social media can benefit startups

Even though traditional methods might be helping to you garner attention, social media comes with other benefits as well.

6 management lessons entrepreneurs can learn from Bollywood blockbuster Sholay

There are lot of management lessons that entrepreneurs and startup founders could learn by watching Bollywood blockbuster Sholay.