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Startup lessons by Baba Ramdev

7 start-up lessons one could learn from Baba Ramdev

With a new Patanjali store opening up in every locality in the country, the tremendous growth of the brand can teach every aspiring entrepreneur a great deal about building business.

What makes a Great Leader?

There are a myriad of definitions that exist to define what leadership actually means in the world of business today. This is because business owners, managers and experts all have their own ways to define what leadership means to them. Ultimately, all styles of leadership have to be effective, whether it is in the world of business (as this guide is focused on) or other areas such as politics, or everyday life.

3 Rising startups in India

Ring in the weekend by reading about these startups! A cloud storage firm with security as its selling point, another of India’s on-demand chauffeur apps, and an e-publisher all make our list.
Indian startup industry

11 Heroes who helped build the Indian startup industry

Although all entrepreneurs, regardless of whether they are established or new, have an equal in the Indian startup scene, here are 11 tech entrepreneurs that could be considered as largely responsible for these winds of change.

Rahul Yadav, founder Housing.com quits as an entrepreneur – blames media for his action

Rahul Yadav quits as an entrepreneur and blames media for this decision. While he mentioned long back that he is looking to quit being entrepreneur after series of failures in his ventures housing.com and Intelligent interfaces.

7 Things you should do when launching your startup

These tasks will take your business from "good enough" to "ready to go" in no time at all.

How to start a startup in college

Starting a startups is difficult, there are many twists and turns, ups and downs throughout the process.

10 Rules for a great startup idea

Even though it’s trendy in startups to say that ideas mean nothing and execution means everything, the reality is much less binary and much more nuanced.

10 Success lessons from Reid Hoffman – “Co-Founder of LinkedIn” for entrepreneurs

Here are the 10 success lessons from Reid Hoffman – “Co-Founder of LinkedIn” for the entrepreneurs.

Marketing Services: Free online start up tools for your new business

During the first fledgling stages of your business, you need to harness all of the (free) help and support that you can garner, and with this in mind here we present seven essential tools for the start-up business.

Fundamentals of running a successful and profitable startup

There is never a shortage of people willing to give you the benefit of their wisdom, especially when it comes to running a successful business.

3 Questions to ask before turning your good idea into a successful company

What makes a great idea actually great?

Reasons budding entrepreneurs should stop looking for venture capital

Here are seven reasons for budding entrepreneurs to give up the hunt for venture capital and angel investors.

5 Ways for a new entrepreneur to ensure success

How do you ensure success? Who stands out from the crowd? What separates the pros from the amateurs?

FreeCharge story: A journey from Kunal Shah to Snapdeal

FreeCharge founded by Kunal Shah is one of the most popular online mobile recharge sites in India with their tag line- #LoDoKhatamKaro

Bollywood celebs turning investors in digital startups

This is the age of online start-ups and crowd-funding, with youngsters all over the country coming up with innovative business ideas in tune with...

Ways to ensure a power packed start to your startup

Building a startup, you love and making it future-proof is an essential ingredient to your startup recipe. But wondering how would you ensure it?
Quotes by Indian entrepreneurs

Top 10 inspirational quotes by Indian entrepreneurs

Here are the top 10 quotes from Indian entrepreneurs everyone should live by. Learn from Sachin Bansal, Binny Bansal, Bhavish Aggarwal, Kunal Bahl, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Naveen Tewari, Ritesh Agarwal, Shashank ND, Deepinder Goyal, Kunal Shah and Rahul Yadav.

5 Ways to find a lead developer for your startup

This is the person whose creative vision and technical know-how will determine the success of your product
promote your startup online

10 Ways to promote your startup online

Here is a list of few known methods of online promotion for your startup.