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From a delivery boy to an entrepreneur, following his passion relentlessly

In April 2015, Monkvyasa had 15 astrologers on its platform and began with close to 22 consultations in a month. Today, it has 25 astrologers on board and provides over 22 consultations in a day.
How a Farmer’s son and College-dropout became a Tech Millionaire

How a Farmer’s son and College-dropout became a Tech Millionaire

For Varun Chandran life has been the biggest teacher, and the need to survive has been the biggest motivation.

How Steve Jobs Started – The Life Of Apple’s Founder

Follow Steve Job's life path to see how he learned to create and think like a genius.

How Bill Gates Started – The Life of Microsoft’s Founder

Bill Gates started out in a highly-educated family. But they were not programmers, not even engineers. Or technical people at all. So how did he start to be a genius hacker?

Truejodi – How this startup solves the core problems in online matrimony

Truejodi is an online matrimonial site that aims to solve a very important problem in online matchmaking – eliminating “fraud” profiles and getting in genuine people who are looking out for matches based on their requirements.

How Jeff Bezos Started – Life of Amazon.com’s founder

Jeff Bezos is now in the 5th spot on world’s wealthiest people list. But he was born poor. He wanted to start a business right after college but didn’t. So how did he start?

HyperTrack: A start-up to track people and products

HyperTrack is serial entrepreneur Deorah’s attempt at creating a global tech firm from India.

Forget Flipkart and Ola – Here are the other richest startups in Bangalore

We all know about the Flipkart and Ola stories. Let’s take a look at the other successful start-ups that call Bangalore home.

10 gems of wisdom no one will tell you

Following are the 10 rules of wisdom that no one will give you but are of extreme importance. Here goes.

Top 5 qualities of a good entrepreneur

To be an entrepreneur is all about moving outside the comfort zone and then satisfying that urge of starting something new.

Deep discounts not a viable business model for start-ups, says Raghuram Rajan

With concerns being raised about cash-burn in burgeoning e-commerce sector, RBI governor Raghuram Rajan today made it clear that getting revenues through deep discounting is not a viable business model for start-ups.

3 former Housing co-founders to launch a HR management startup

At the core of the solution, the three are looking to make use of semantic search, machine learning and big data to build the product.

11 Success principles we often forget

Sometimes we find ourselves running in place, struggling to get ahead simply because we forget to address some of the basic success principles that govern our potential to make progress.

3 Reasons why every entrepreneur needs to invest in their love life

Entrepreneurs tend to focus solely on business in the startup phase. Making your love relationship a priority will bring greater emotional and financial success to your overall life more than anything else you could do for yourself.
successful female entrepreneurs

India’s 15 most successful female entrepreneurs

Let's meet 15 such Indian women who can be easily termed as role models for every Indian.

The art of crafting successful elevator pitch

Don’t get stumped by the phrase “elevator pitch”; although the two words don’t seem to be made for each other, in the startup business an elevator pitch is what makes or breaks an investor.

The theory of Indian startups

The startup story of India has fascinated everybody, starting from students to the Prime Minister of the nation. But the moment flyers are printed...

Why startups fail and what experts have to say about it

Check out the infographic below to learn what you’ll need to look out for when starting a business, and what the best of the best have to say about it.

Don’t kill your dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Life is short. Get Set. Startup

It’s always a great feeling when your work is also what you love to do. A job may or may not provide that option. Entrepreneurship does.

6 Pro tips from Guy Kawasaki for growing your business

Sharing with you infographics to help entrepreneurs to succeed in their life.