10 Ways to Boost Your Health During Colder Months

Boost Your Health During Colder Months

As the temperature drops in the colder months, there are many things to look forward to. Building snowmen, having a hot cup of cocoa, and Christmas holidays at the end of the year.

But the chilliest months also wreak havoc on your immune system since it’s also the season for getting colds and flu.

But that’s not the way it always has to be. Experts say that we can cut down the possibility of getting sick by boosting your immune system in winter. Here are the best ways to boost the immune system in winter:

Maintain a regular self-care routine

It’s crucial to prioritize your self-care routine when you’re more susceptible to illness. This means ensuring that you’re eating well and taking those nutritional supplements on time. In addition, setting a routine when you have set times to wake up, eat and exercise will help your body keep up its immune system.

Workout regularly

Working out consistently is the key — so make sure you don’t just make an occasional trip to the gym. If you’re not someone who likes lifting weights and running on a treadmill, look for alternatives to working out, like joining an aerobics class or picking up a sport like tennis. Doing something you like will mean you will be consistent, and consistently working out will help boost your immunity.

Not only that but working out regularly will also mean that your body will release the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is known as the happy hormone.

Maintaining oral hygiene is important

Brushing your teeth regularly and maintaining good oral hygiene has a significant impact on your health. Mouth care is essential to avoid dental problems like cavities, gum diseases, and ulcers, decreasing your immunity and making you more susceptible to diseases overall.

Mouth care needs to be regularly maintained throughout your life. Habits like brushing your teeth two times a day and flossing regularly ​​can go a long way in helping you avoid excruciatingly painful dental treatments and health-related issues.

Getting enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is crucial to keep your immune system strong and your body healthy. If you get proper shut-eye for at least 8 hours a day, then you are avoiding at least a large number of illnesses that can be caused by a disturbed sleep cycle.

Drink enough water

Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water every day will help you feel more energetic and flush out any toxins in your body. Being well hydrated will also mean that you are less prone to diseases and seasonal infections. Staying hydrated is key to treating skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. Maintaining good general health is critical when treating a skin condition, and drinking enough water is an essential part of that.

Eat a balanced diet

Eating a balanced diet doesn’t just mean cutting out carbs or fast food from your diet. You need to make sure you’re eating foods rich in proteins, carbs, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs.

Cooking your own meals instead of eating out helps you understand your meals’ fat, protein, and carb components and help you save money.

Stick to choosing nourishing, organic foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals like seasonal produce.

Take vitamin supplements

Taking a multi-vitamin supplement is excellent for boosting the immune system, especially in the winter months when your body is more susceptible to infections.

Making sure you have adequate vitamins helps you fight off respiratory diseases.

Vitamin C, D, and B12 help boost your immune system, and zinc helps you fight against respiratory diseases.

Maintaining proper hand hygiene

Making sure that you wash your hands properly can decrease the chances of you contracting any sort of infection. Bacteria and viruses tend to survive outside the human body for some time — which means you can get sick by touching an infected person or even by touching a surface touched by an infected person if you don’t wash your hands. It’s essential to wash your hands properly and use soap and water every time you wash them.

Get as much of the sun that you can

Colder months also means that you will see less and less of the sun. But getting enough sunlight, which is a natural source of Vitamin D, is vital to keep your immune system boosted.

Maintain your gut health

A happy stomach means a happy you.

Any doctor and nutritionist will always tell you how vital gut health is for upkeeping a healthy immune system and overall health.

Adding food items like probiotic drinks, sauerkraut, Greek yoghurt, and kombucha to your diet will help enhance your gut health.

Making these minor lifestyle changes can go a long way in helping you build up a strong immunity and deal with psoriasis-eczema in winters. These lifestyle changes will also help you feel more energetic and help you lead a more active life!

Author Bio: Krishma Patel is the Co-founder and the Superintendent Pharmacist at MedsNow, an online pharmacy in the UK that provides health and wellness products and treatments along with free online consultations. She is passionate about showcasing the integral function community pharmacies can play in supporting the healthcare system and the NHS by providing patients with high quality, safe and discreet access to healthcare at their convenience. Along with being the co-founder of MedsNow, Krishma is also the Director and the Superintendent Pharmacist of Enimed Ltd., an independent pharmacy group comprising 32 branches.