Wondergirl from Odisha comes up with the idea of a fuel free bike

Air pollution coupled with increasing carbon monoxide has been a rising environmental concern for almost all regions of the country. The pollutants discharged into the air by vehicles emitting out smoke has been known to pose hazards to all forms of life. To combat this problem, a fourteen year old from Odisha, came up with the brilliant idea of an “air bike”.

What is an air bike and how does it work?

Tejaswini Priyadarshini took inspiration from an air gun which runs on air pressure which led her to believe that compressed air could run bicycles as well. She discussed the plan of the air bike with her father who was very supportive about the idea and encouraged her to carry out her experiments with the concept. A cylinder filled with 10 kg compressed gas is mounted behind the bicycle which keeps the air bike going. The air bike has no pedals but can achieve speeds up to 60 km/hour.

Making the plan a success

She had to work very hard as she had very little guidance and resources to make her idea work. In the process, she had to encounter many failures but they couldn’t deter her. For the first time when she was able to ride the air bike, she felt successful. The only motivation she had during this time was her father who encouraged her to try till she succeeds. He also helped her in small ways by getting her an air tank with an inlet to which a starting knob, safety valve and a measuring dial were fixed. When the knob is turned on, the air is sent from the cylinder to the gun installed near the paddle which makes the paddles rotate.

“If a similar concept is used for a motorcycle, it will not need petrol or diesel since it would be entirely powered by air. If the motorbikes run on air, bikers will not have to pay large petrol bills. My prime intent was to create a pollution-free vehicle.” – Tejaswini in an interview with The Telegraph

Future plans for Tejaswini

She plans to make her work a nation-wide success by presenting her innovation at state and national level exhibitions and events. She also claims that she wants to keep innovating in future.

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