Why does the country need more able entrepreneurs?

Becoming an entrepreneur doesn’t seem to be a big deal anymore considering anyone with money can set up his/her own venture and employ a team of workers. However, becoming a successful and able entrepreneur is a challenge in this country. Your idea might be a brilliant one but if it doesn’t solve any purpose, it might as well be discarded as an unnecessary one.

To be an able entrepreneur means to be able to successfully lead a team and through your dedication and unconventional marketing techniques, reach out to your target group in the best way possible.

Here are three reasons why the country needs able entrepreneurs:

I. Increasing problems

With rapid development, the problems of mankind are also increasing manifold which is why there is a huge pool of opportunities for people with creative mind to venture into this field. All one needs to be able to do is identify a problem and look for a solution and be able to execute the idea perfectly. If you cannot find one to solve, just look around and see what is happening to the environment, health, safety of people, animals etc and you’ll soon have a pet peeve.

For instance, to counter the problem of smog in Delhi, a number of companies have released solutions in forms of air purifiers and other equipments which combat the issue of un-breathable air.

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II. Never-ending needs

As we all know that the needs of humans never come to a halt which is why people can tap opportunities to fulfil other’s desires. With growing needs of the Indian population which is on a route towards westernisation, endless desires crop up which can be satiated only by fresh ideas.

For instance, catering to the fashion tastes of the country, a number of fashion bloggers and enthusiasts have turned their Instagram accounts into e-commerce shopping portals.

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III. To satisfy the scope

With a diverse population of 1.3 billion, one can only imagine what the scope of entrepreneurship in the country can be. The current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, also supports the idea of start-ups and has announced several grants and benefits to start-up owners which makes it the best time for people who believe they are creative and have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, to come forward.

Because there is so much scope, intelligent people have put their brilliant minds to use in order to start-up social enterprises (which are quite unconventional) which are faring very well.

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