Using emotional connect to reach out to more customers

Shifting from stressing merely on the technical factors and benefits of a product, entrepreneurs are now making use of emotions to target more customers. It is believed that the emotions evoked in the customers by looking at your ad (or any marketing strategy you use) persuades them to purchase a product more as compared to a bland ad focusing merely on product benefits.

Why do people respond better to emotional appeals?

Out of 2000 ads that an average customer comes across daily, his/her attention is grasped by the ones which resonate with him/her. Once your appeal resonates with your customer’s, the emotional trigger persuades them to buy your product. In most cases, use of emotions in your promotion also leads to higher brand recall and recognition.

It is believed that by using emotion instead of rationality, a marketer builds a deeper connect with the potential customer which adds more value to your product or service. Emotional triggers are also something which most customers use to deviate from psychological pain they experience in form of negative emotions such as fear, failure, lonliness etc. Because, they see your ads combating them, they are more likely to purchase a product based on the emotions and sense of achievement you portray.

Some ads which have used the emotional appeal to reach out to more potential customers:

I. Nescafe: Stammering Rishi

This ad follows the life of an aspiring stand up comedian who stammers and looks into the negative aspects faced by him like stage fright, fear and under confidence. However, he chooses to not give up and keep practicing till he becomes a performer and Nescafe is shown to be his companion throughout. This struck a chord with millions of Indians which is why it was, at one point, trending on social media.


II. Star Sports- Mauka Mauka

This ad which was released during the World up focused on the rivalry between the two countries through cricket. Through a simple ad, a whirlwind of emotions like pride, patriotism and eagerness were evoked in the customer’s mind which made it a very successful one.

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