Tips to create the perfect logo for your startup

A logo is a brand characteristic which adds immense value to your startup and enables recall and recognition in the minds of the customers. Today, when we see a tick (swoosh), we know it is Nike without even reading the name. That is the kind of power that logos hold.

It is only fair to create an appealing, meaningful and powerful logo for your customers which will help them recall your brand by looking at it. However, the process of getting the perfect logo isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Here are a few tips you need to keep in mind to get the perfect logo for your startup:

I. Colour

Studies have proven that it is the colour/s which catches the eye first which is why it is advisable to design your logo in bright and multiple colours. A potential customer is bound to choose a bright looking logo over a dull or monotonous looking one.

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II. Authenticity

With a number of companies cropping up, it is almost an impossible task to create a logo which is completely unique and authentic. However, you must check your design for trademarks to avoid legal problems later. Unique but meaningful logos tend to be remembered by customers better.

III. Don’t give away too much

Your logo should be concise but understandable which makes it a perfect one. If you give away too much and put in too many elements, it won’t have the very appealing effect on your potential customers.

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IV. Use shapes judiciously

The shape of your logo is crucial as it needs to indicate something. For instance, the shape of the twitter logo signifies a bird which is apt and simple.

V. Avoid obvious logos

If you use a picture of an aeroplane for an airline company or a fruit for a juice company, it becomes boring and repetitive and has no power to hold on to the customer. Hence, try and avoid designs which are obvious or done and dusted with.

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