The Gourmet Jar: Apeksha Jain’s pet project of turning her love for food into a business

Apeksha Jain, the owner of Gourmet Jar, claims that her journey with food started when she was 15. “I have a big family of foodies. I loved cooking for all of them and felt really satisfied when they would enjoy what I made.” She believes in letting her food do the talking which gave birth to her pet project, The Gourmet Jar.

Jain originally hails from Meerut but did her schooling in Mussorie. It was during her school days that she fell in love with the French language and chose to go to France to make a career out of it. Going to France for a year was the changing point of her career and it egged her career towards food. “I was naturally spending a lot of time cooking and experimenting, and that was the time when blogging was the new thing to do. So I jumped on that bandwagon, and as time went on, I delved deeper into the food world.” When she returned to India, she tried making a batch of banana jam which her husband loved in France and when it was a success, she decided to experiment with more flavours and techniques of jam making.

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The Gourmet Jar: Inception and growth

In the initial days, she sold her jams and preserves through Facebook. The most demanded products still are the banana rum jam, orange whisky marmalade, mango jalapeno preserve, and spicy onion relish. She has received a positive response right from the company’s inception and what the customers look forward to are the new flavours she introduces every six months. She also phases out the ones which do not receive a very good response.

Currently, the Gourmet Jar is based out of Noida where 12 women are involved in the process and Apeksha very proudly claims “Yes, we have an all-women production team.” In the past two years, she has sold more than 3.5 lakh products through different channels- website, social media, distributors and to hotels and restaurants.

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“People are travelling a lot more, hence they are exposed to new flavours. There’s also an increased focus on cooking new things at home, thanks to shows like Master Chef and the increasing access to exotic ingredients in India. There’s also a huge shift towards organic and natural food as the awareness about the harmful effect of artificial ingredients is increasing.” -Apeksha

Owing to her love for food, she has creating a brand for herself as Gourmet Jar now competes with international brands despite being fairly new.

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