TapChief: the start-up which aims at revolutionising professional advice

Shashank Murali, Binay Krishna and Arjun Krishna, notable alumni of BITS Pilani came up with the brilliant idea of launching Edvice, a tutoring app through which students preparing for IIT or BITS could be connected to an alumni and get their doubts solved. Then they came up with the idea of uploading notes by the toppers and gained over 1500 hits within 2 hours of going live. The idea of Edvice slowly graduated into TapChief.

TapChief, which is their current start-up, is a consultation platform where you can get your doubts solved by experts who specialise in the areas of career, start-ups, sales, marketing, legal and finance. The consultation can be done by the user directly or through TapChief’s assistance. Once someone requests a consultation, the expert is notified via SMS and e-mail and a certain time for the consultation is fixed.

With a minimal capital investment of INR 5 lakh, the team started developing their venture which was completed in 45 days. The viability of the project was agreed upon as the founders saw 400 successful consultations in no time. The money gained was used to build the company and improve its existing infrastructure.

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The financial model of the start-up is very simple: they charge a commission for every consultation.

The most unique feature of TapChief is the “mentoring model” where the advisor and user add each other to their contact list. The main goal of this start-up is to allow people seeking advice to use technology in a way which can help them excel in their field. It also helps clueless people gain invaluable advice about almost everything.

“We route all our calls through a cloud-telephony service to ensure both our users’ and experts’ privacy.”
This start-up has grown 150% over the past few months and has 5,000 experts registered with it. TapChief is currently based out of Bengaluru. This venture is backed by PayTM, Fisdom and NuVentures. The team also won the Seedstars, Bengaluru and will be the nation’s representatives for Seedstars Global Finale in Switzerland.

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