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transport aggregator startups in India

10 innovative transport aggregator startups in India

With the advent of cab aggregator giants like Uber, Ola and Meru in the market, travelling has got easier. But the story does not end here.
How to trim down the startup cost c

How to trim down the startup cost

In order to profit, every business needs to keep trimming down costs in mind.
Social Media Marketing for startups

6 Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing for startups

There’s much more to social media marketing than it seems and you’ll need a lot of preparation in order to get it right.
secrets of top CEOs

Never told secrets of top CEOs about managing work better

Lessons from Richard Branson, Phil Libin, Jack Dorsey, and other successful CEOs.
Story Of Gaurav Rana

Story Of Gaurav Rana, From Collecting Cow Dung To Building A Rs 11 Crore...

At just 24, he has made his name in the start-up world and comes across as a charismatic young entrepreneur.
Things you should know before working at a start-up

5 Things you should know before working at a start-up

Memorize these five working-for-a-start-up mantras before you electronically sign on the dotted line.
hiring candidates for your start-up

Four tips to keep in mind while hiring candidates for your start-up

Hiring the right candidate for your start-up is an art because you need someone who fits into the work culture and can deliver what your actually want.
Initial signs of start-up failure you need to be aware of

5 Initial signs of start-up failure you need to be aware of

Nobody wants their start-up to end up as a failure.
Startup business mistakes to avoid c

Startup business mistakes to avoid

There are so many risks to navigate, mistakes to avoid, and costs to meet.
Parents vs Startups

Parents vs Startups

This is what my parents has to say about my startup.

The 7 real reasons why startups fail

The market research firm CB Insights recently did a post-mortem on 135 failed startups. The reasons cited, however, fall into seven categories, each consisting of a specific emotional or intellectual limitation.

Top 3 challenges faced by budding entrepreneurs

In this article, we highlighted the most common small business challenges that budding entrepreneurs experience. We will also give you helpful entrepreneur tips for success along the way.

Forget Flipkart and Ola – Here are the other richest startups in Bangalore

We all know about the Flipkart and Ola stories. Let’s take a look at the other successful start-ups that call Bangalore home.

3 former Housing co-founders to launch a HR management startup

At the core of the solution, the three are looking to make use of semantic search, machine learning and big data to build the product.

The theory of Indian startups

The startup story of India has fascinated everybody, starting from students to the Prime Minister of the nation. But the moment flyers are printed...

Key checklist that Askme considers before investing in any startup

Piyush Pankaj, VP Corporate Finance and M&A at Askme Group, speaks about what are the key checklist that the company considers before investing in a company.

Investments in Indian startups are back and how!

Compared with just 114 deals during the three months ended December 2015, there were 344 investments during January-March 2016. As many as 388 startups raised funds in the first three months of 2016.

Has the opportunity for Indian internet startups been terribly wrongly estimated?

With the softening of valuations and the famous Flipkart markdown, is there still a large internet opportunity in India?

Outlook of Indian eCommerce in 2016

eCommerce in India has attained a lot with the growth of technology and it acts as a strategic factor with the internationalization, shopping experience, mobile-oriented design and social integration.

10 Lessons every entrepreneur and startup should learn from Virat Kohli

How could Virat Kohli is linked to startups or entrepreneurship? Well, there are a handful of things which entrepreneurs and startups could definitely learn from him.