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Mindfulness hacks for entrepreneurs c

7 Mindfulness hacks for entrepreneurs to build a successful business

Mindfulness provides the clarity of thought, creative ideas and higher awareness required to make better decisions.
start your dream business online c_main

5 Steps to start your dream business online

Here are a handful of the basic steps you need to take in order to put your business in a position to be successful.

The top 5 early symptoms of startup failure

Being aware of the early symptoms of startup failure is very important in defining how to be successful in the future.
work the serenity back into your life

4 ways in which you could work the serenity back into your life

Find serenity to keep yourself from becoming insane.
launch your own startup

10 Step guide to launch your own startup

Follow these 10 steps to launch your startup and you’ll be one step closer to your success.
starting a start-up

14 Things no one tells you about starting a start-up

We asked 14 young entrepreneurs what the one thing no one told them.
Financial tips for entrepreneurs

Financial tips for entrepreneurs launching a startup

You need to build a solid financial plan that will help you boost your cash flow and manage your available resources wisely.
right business startup_main

How to find the right business startup for you

Keep these five factors in mind when determining the right business startup for you.
Deep Kalra Founder of MakeMyTrip

How Deep Kalra Started – Founder of MakeMyTrip.com

The pioneer of online travels in India; Deep Kalra is the proud founder of Gurgaon based – MakeMyTrip.com.

15 Important startup lessons for new entrepreneurs

Fifteen CEOs of new and existing companies reflect on what they’ve learned, and impart their best lessons to aspiring startup founders.
Best financial advices_update

15 Best financial advices to succeed in your business

Rule No. 1 : Never lose money. Rule No. 2 : Never forget Rule No. 1.

6 ways which can keep the inspiration alive in entrepreneurs

It isn’t uncommon for a person to lose inspiration and give up because he feels his venture isn’t going anywhere.

10 Things to know before starting a business

To give the best chance of surviving the incubation period we have compiled 10 things to research before you start your own startup.

8 ways to expand your home-based business

With changing times, home-based businesses have grown leaps and bounds. Even if it is a business from home, one needs to work very hard to expand it and get customers.

7 easy ways to become a people’s person

It is very important for an entrepreneur to be a people’s person because on a daily basis, he needs to interact with a wide range of people like investors, shareholders, employees, potential business clients, potential customers etc.

7 mindsets an entrepreneur needs to adopt ASAP

It is necessary to remain in the business because suffering a setback isn’t easy and trying to build a company from scratch is definitely not easy.
young and aspiring entrepreneur c

20 Success tips that are a must for every young and aspiring entrepreneur

Here’s some inspiring advice for when your motivation takes a hit.

7 Secrets that all successful entrepreneurs are hiding

How do successful entrepreneurs get successful?

10 Exciting ways to stay motivated as a solopreneur

Be prepared for setbacks.

Why entrepreneurship always takes more time than you expect

No matter how carefully you consider your roles and responsibilities, like almost every entrepreneur, you will likely consistently underestimate the amount of time it takes to get things done. So, why is this, exactly?