Shifting between paradigms: Henry Ford and others

We tend to grow up with certain beliefs, mentalities and biases which is a result of how our brains are wired during childhood. The indoctrinations differ from person to person because of the way raised.

Career options are usually limited and narrow in scope. However, to become a successful entrepreneur, one needs to learn that the limit doesn’t exist. An entrepreneur needs to break free from inhibitions and bridge gaps between different spheres. For instance, a talented actor like Alia Bhatt has carved a niche for her in Bollywood. With that, she also ventured into singing for a movie. Along with that, she also embraced her love for fashion and launched her own line on Jabong. She was able to bridge different mentalities and gain success in three entirely different industries.

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The man who changed the face of automobiles: Henry Ford

Henry Ford, an American industrialist and the founder of Ford motor company, was born in 1863. People often mistake him to be the inventor of the automobile assembly line. He developed the first automobile which could be bought by the middle-class as well. Through that, he changed a car from being a luxurious commodity to something every common man could have. His introduction of Model T automobile was a revolution to the transport and American industry. Also, he was credited with “Fordism” which is mass production if inexpensive goods and high wages for labours.

Many years later, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak met up at a club and through a mutual decision, they merged their visions to revolutionize the computer industry. They launched Apple. To bring the brand to what it is today, a collaborative effort along with merging of mentalities had to take place.

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What can you learn from it?

Entrepreneurship is one field where creativity lives and grows. Thinking outside the box doesn’t mean doing something new; it means sticking to your core belief system and adopting new thoughts and mergers between ideas. Creativity on the other hand, is the freedom to test and decide your own boundaries. Every mistake you commit can be a creative trial.

The paradigm identity:

Paradigms define your thought process and your emotional systems. A paradigm is not merely a new way of thinking. It is a completely new process of observing, assimilating and interpreting data. For an individual to be absolutely unique, one should be able switch between paradigms. However, the paradigm identity limits the operation of a company internally. It affects the production and assimilation plans similarly. The paradigm entity also affects how the company interacts with the outside world. A broad marketing approach of a company demands various paradigm belief systems to function.

Hugely successful companies like Apple realise the paradigm identity and try to bridge spaces between different paradigms.

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Opening up to new paradigms:

Few successful people were willing to switch between paradigms successfully. For instance, Victoria Beckham was a singer who was also into modelling and now has her own line of fashion and fragrances. Shifting between paradigms exposes a person to greater levels of creativity, conviction and success.

Hence, one should reject certain belief systems that limit a person. Instead, venturing into new fields force you to come out of your comfort zone. Not only that, you could experience greater insights and resonate with the reason of your existence. And, once you believe you are educated enough, you can stick to a paradigm that suits you best.

The primary reason why Ford could innovate so highly, Apple could become such a successful venture and Victoria Beckham could open up a successful line is because of a common similarity: they also aspired to bridge various paradigms.

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