Post her victory at the Olympics, every company wanted to use PV Sindhu as their mascot

PV Sindhu created history as she went on to become the first ever woman to win the silver medal at the Olympics for badminton. Because, she gained so much popularity and cheers from the entire Indian audience, it only seemed fitting for the various brands to come out with campaigns that featured her for more publicity.

Here’s how brands used Sindhu as a part of their marketing:

I. Pizza Hut offering pizzas to all the Sindhus

Pizza Hut wanted people to bite into their pizzas just like Sindhu bit her prestigious medal at the Olympics. For this, they were giving out free pizzas to anyone whose name is Sindhu and could produce a proof of the same.
They offered free pizzas to all the Sakshis when Sakshi Malik won the bronze medal for India as well.

II. Uber’s shuttle services

Uber employed a very subtle tactic to honour Sindhu’s victory. Instead of the icon of the cabs on the app, you could now see shuttlecocks which translated into Uber will shuttle you around.

III. Ola wants to help you watch the match

Ola, the Indian taxi aggregator, wanted every Indian to get back home as early as they could so that they didn’t miss the final match. For this, they offered the code SINDHU which would give the people availing rides between 5-6pm an off of INR100.

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IV. Tanishq

Tanishq came out with a brilliant creative which honours her efforts and performance with a simple yet beautiful creative. Tanishq, through its creative, let Sindhu know how she was gold for the entire nation and also followed it up with the caption “once a gem, always a gem”.

V. Flipkart

The e-commerce giant chooses to keep it absolutely simple and effective with an infographic which showed how proud every Indian is of Sindhu. It had an image of Sindhu screaming after her victory with a caption “Dil hai Sindhustani”. This simple gesture managed to bowl over audiences.

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