Platinum Rapid Funding Group Reviews: Best Non-Bank Lender For Businesses?

Non-Bank Lender For Businesses

What is Platinum Rapid Funding Group?

Platinum Rapid Funding Group is a non-bank lender that’s been in business since 2012 and is able to offer “rapid” turnaround times on loan applications from small and medium-sized organizations.

CEO and founder Ali Mayar has assembled a team of experienced professional who help applicants get speedy approval for loan amounts from $5,000 to $5 million. Applying takes just 10 minutes and can be done over the phone or directly on the company’s website.

What is the Difference Between Bank Lenders and Non-Bank?

Traditional banks are notorious for complicated loan applications, very long wait times for approval, and impersonal customer service. For small and medium-sized companies, and new organizations of any size, non-bank lenders are typically the best choice. This is true for several reasons.

First, non-traditional lenders are less burdened by red tape and industry over-regulation. They’re able to approve loans in minutes rather than months, and are always easier to work with. Applicants who want to be able to reach a real person when they call their lender will appreciate the personal service they get from a non-bank resource like Platinum Rapid Funding Group.

Platinum Rapid Funding Group reviews that are posted online routinely mention how attentive the staff is toward new and established customers. This type of service can make a huge difference when borrowers need answers quickly and don’t want to wait for a large bank’s “loan committee” to get back to them.

Non-traditional lenders are also able to offer “rapid” turnaround on applications. Because Platinum Rapid Funding Groups loans are usually backed by a company’s future receivables, there are few obstacles to fast approval. In fact, most applications are approved within one business day.

Could a Non-Bank Lender Help You?

There’s really no limit on the types of companies that turn to Platinum Rapid Funding Group for help. The group has a very long list of satisfied clients in virtually every sector of activity, from health spas to auto dealerships, from bars/restaurants to accounting services, from sole proprietorships to manufacturing firms, and everything in between.

Business owners turn to non-bank lenders for arrangements like credit card splits and ACH deposits. Credit card splits let Platinum Rapid Funding Group’s clients designate a portion of future receipts to go directly toward the loan balance. ACH deposits are set up so borrowers can make a monthly or weekly payment directly from their bank accounts.

Non-bank lenders have much more leeway in how to structure repayments. Not only that, but non-traditional lenders work fast, have responsive teams and fill the niche that major banks just refuse to deal with.

A+ Rating from BBB

Entrepreneurs are flocking to Platinum Rapid Funding Group for the attentive service but also because Platinum has the highest Better Business Rating possible, “A+”. BBB ratings are objectively-based and not subject to manipulation by anyone. Small and medium-sized organizations that want the best service, fairest rates, and quickest approval times seek out the Platinum Rapid Funding Group.

Contact Platinum Rapid Funding Today!

It’s easy to contact the Platinum Rapid Funding Group’s team via their social media links, direct phone number, (866) 905-5444, or the company’s official website at Feel free to give Platinum Rapid Funding a follow at:


Keep in mind that the entire loan application process usually takes no longer than 10 minutes and approvals normally come through within just one business day. Platinum Rapid Funding Group can fund loan amounts from $5,000 up to $5 million, which makes them the ideal capital source for new, small and medium-sized businesses. Contact Platinum Rapid Funding Group today for all your business needs.

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