New-age business ideas which you need to know of

Gone are the times when conventional business ideas fared well; however, it is a new age for entrepreneurs to come up with fresh ideas which solve a problem.

Here are a few new age business ideas you need to know of:

1. Unconventional accommodation options

In this era of inflation, nobody is looking to buy mansions. Instead, college graduates and working professionals are looking for tiny houses which are unconventional and suit their personality. Wooden houses and trailers on wheels are some of the most popular choices, so, you could use that idea as everyone at some point requires housing.

2. Virtual services

There are services for anything and everything you can opt for with a few clicks ranging from food delivery to repair services. The concept of virtual butlers is slowly catching on in the country which makes it an explorable option especially in Tier-II cities as their aspirational levels are higher than the people in the metropolitans.

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3. Healthy fast food

Again because of the awareness about healthcare, people are opting for healthier options over greasy burgers. So, if you can start something like a taco with sprouts or a veggie roll filled with boiled veggies, they will be an instant hit with the youngsters and some old-aged health freaks as well. Healthy food trucks are also a popular option you can explore.

4. Pet food and accessories

The pet industry is the most popular industry only second to the infant industry in the country. So, coming up with healthy pet food or treat options is a brilliant business idea. Raw food for pets is something most owners are opting for so if you can make packed, raw food for dogs, cats etc, you are in for huge profits.

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5. Activity bars

With recreation becoming more pompous, many people are looking to go to bar for more than cocktails and dancing. Bowling area, fuseball table, beer pong table etc add to the charm of the place and give the person an option to do more than just drink.

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