My Clean India: find out how clean your locality actually is

Sourav Badami, a 20-year old computer science student who hails from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand has recently come up with a web based application which helps you in tracking the cleanliness and hygiene levels of your locality. “My Clean India” is what he chooses to call this application and hopes that it will help is supporting and supplementing the Swachh Bharat Campaign initiated by the Prime Minister of the country.

The application and how it works:

After the Swachh Bharat campaign was launched, a lot of people were dedicated to the cause of cleaning out localities when Sourav came up with the idea which would help people to streamline their efforts.

He spoke about the application and claimed that it was written in Django and Python while the frontend was entirely based on JavaScript.

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The application is basically a medium which helps in carrying out and assisting several tasks related to cleanliness. The application collects data and provides it to people who look to use it in a proper manner. All a user needs to do is download the application and select a location by adding a status marker on the map. The markers are classified into three broad groups: clean, in-progress or severe. Currently, the application is free of cost and is open to be used by anyone.

“I have been seriously watching the places around me for a while. I noticed that not everyone is careless about our surroundings’ hygiene; there are people who do care. Until now, we didn’t have any medium to know about the state of hygiene of any place in the country. So, I designed a mock that could help an individual with a report, as well as help organisations keep track of the place that they need to take care of.” -Sourav

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Future plans:

Sourav also shared some challenges out of which the initial one was the practicality of such an application. When that was solved, the next problem that arose was getting a fair user base for the application.

“The next challenge was in terms of users. As of now, there’s no major success in terms of audience; we have received minor traffic and some sessions so far.”

Currently, the team of this application is on a rampant search for NGOs and agencies which can use the data to clean up places. He also said that if used in a proper manner, this application can solve an array of issues existing in the environment. He also plans to roll out an application for Android in the future.

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