Mumbai Toilet Locator app: Looking for the nearest toilet made easier with BMC’s new app

Everyone has experienced the problem of full bladders and not being able to find a toilet nearby which compelled the BMC to come up with a brilliant idea. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, better known as BMC, has recently launched a mobile application which aims to make your job of locating the nearest toilet easier. The application is called ‘Mumbai Toilet Locator’ and was launched by Ajoy Mehta, the Municipal Commissioner.

How does the app work?

This app which has a friendly user interface can be downloaded from the Google Play store and has enlisted more than 800 pay and use toilets across the city. The app uses GPS to locate the toilets nearest to you and a senior from the department of Solid Waste Management also said that they would soon be adding more toilets to the app.

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The app will show you public toilets along with their opening and closing hours and the feature will be available in both, Hindi and English. The toilets featured in the app can also be star-rated by the users.

The toilet app is launched almost after Google Maps got the ability to track public toilets in NCR and Madhya Pradesh.


However, this app wasn’t met by all praise as many activists and organisations dealing with sanitation claimed that BMC should be concentrating more on making the existing toilets and the city cleaner and more hygienic rather than launching an app to locate the nearest toilets.

“This is ironical that BMC needs to this. Instead of launching the app, civic body should make toilets cleaner and more hygienic for convenience of citizens.” -said RTI activist Anil Galgali

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