Lok Sabha imposes a cap on the amount spent during weddings

The newest bill introduced in the Lok Sabha looks to regulate the expenditure on weddings by putting a cap on the budget, the dishes served and number of guests that are invited. The Marriages (Compulsory Registration and Prevention of Wasteful Expenditure) Bill 2016, has been introduced by Congress MP Ranjeet Ranjan. According to the bill, if the budget of your wedding exceeds 5 lakh INR, you will have to divert 10% of the funds to finance the wedding of a girl who is below the poverty line. This proposed bill will be taken up by the Lok Sabha as a private member’s bill.

“The purpose of this bill is to prohibit extravagant and wasteful expenditure on marriages and to enforce simpler solemnisation.

Great importance should be assigned to the solemnisation of marriage between two individuals. But unfortunately, these days a tendency of celebrating marriages with pomp and show and spending lavishly is growing in the country. These days, marriages are more about showing off your wealth and as a result, poor families are under tremendous social pressure to spend more. This is needed to be checked as it is not good for society at large.

The bill states that in instances where a family is going to spend more than the decided Rs 5 lakh, it needs to be reported to the appropriate government along with a declaration of the amount that will be spent. In such a case, 10 percent of the total amount spent will be given to the welfare fund established by the appropriate government. This amount collected in the welfare fund will then be utilised to help out in the weddings of girls belonging to underprivileged families. After this proposed bill is passed, all weddings and the associated spending will have to be declared within 60 days of being legalised.”– Ranjeet explained while talking to PTI

If this bill gets passed, all marriages will be legalised within 60 days of solemnisation.

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