Hyperloop transportation technology to come to India

While the metal birds performing spectacular acrobatics in Aero India 2017 amazed everyone, it was only fitting to hear Bibop G. Gresta amaze everyone talk about the Hyperloop technology in the Make In India, Karnataka conference. Gresta is the founder and chairman of the Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc. and explained that the company was inspired by Elon Musk. His concept seemed to appeal everyone as one would now be able to cover a distance of 140km in 20 minutes flat.

“With every hour of work, the company is closer to building the technology,” Gresta announced. Surprisingly, given the sheer scope of the idea HTT is working on, the company works without a distinct structure. It crowdsources work, and the contributors get to own one stock of the company for every hour of work put in. There are 800 scientists working on the project from across 42 countries, and when each of them puts in 10 hours of work a week, they are given ten stocks in the company – that is a stock for per hour’s work. It’s the biggest crowdsourced project in the world.” –Gresta

He also claimed that through his idea, he was looking to bowl over the Governments of Karnataka followed by Jharkhand in an investors’ meet scheduled to take place on February 16-17, 2017.

What is Hyperloop and how is it going to help us?

Hyperloop is a technology which allows people to travel at the speed of sound as people are transported by a pod which travels through a vacuum tube. This project costs a fourth of the high-speed rail link and is way cheaper than the maglev (magnetic levitation transport system) available in Germany and China.

The concept has gained popularity as it is the next big advancement in the field of transportation. The speed of the pod is similar to that of a passenger plane; however, the vacuum tube will be situated on the ground itself. It is also an energy-conserving development as it produces 30% more energy than it consumes which means that the surplus can be transferred.

Hyperloop is a much-needed development in the country as the conditions of the traffic jams in cities like Bengaluru is going from bad to worse. The pollution caused by the growing number of private vehicles in the major industrial cuties is alarming which makes this energy-conserving and high-tech technology a more feasible choice.

The Karnataka Industries Commissioner, Gaurav Gupta, claimed that the ideas were of great interest especially for Bengaluru which is a positive indication that this technology might come to India by the end of 2017.

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