How to take your online business offline

In this era of rapid digitalisation, we often see companies being built on social media or e-commerce platforms. However, certain companies which were based online earlier are looking to start offline branches because a lot of the Indian population still prefers brick and mortar stores over the internet.

Difficulties associated

Once you are perceived as an e-commerce brand, it is very difficult to gain the same amount of popularity as an offline store. Launching an offline store is relatively more expensive as it requires a physical store and constant marketing to get people to visit it. Another major difficulty is that people choose convenience which is why the idea might not work.

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Here are a few ways in which you could gain popularity for your offline launch and make it a raging success:

Host an event

If your brand is already popular as an online one, hosting a branded event isn’t difficult. Through a pompous event which could double up as your launch party, you could send out messages to your potential customers about the offline products and services which they can now avail. To make the launch livelier, you could go for a celebrity invitee to grace it.

Put it all over the media

Just because your store is now offline doesn’t mean you cannot use the digital medium to gain popularity. Put it out across all social media platforms about your store and keep updating constant updates for people to see. This keeps your audience engaged and excited about the actual launch. Also, use some local newspapers and magazines to broadcast the information about your brand going offline. All you need to do is create hype and keep it alive.

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Launch a new product or a service

As you have taken the decision of expanding your company out of the online sphere, why not couple it with a product or service launch/extension? The two major events will make the media more interested in covering your offline story and your customers more interested in visiting the stores to check out the newest offering.

There are many other ways to carry out this shift, however, we suggest you keep the hype up in order to be successful online as well as offline.

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