How to network when you are an introvert entrepreneur?

You don’t need to worry too much about being an introvert entrepreneur as some very successful people in this field like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page were introverts too. However, it is necessary to network with different kinds of people in order to succeed which is why following some simple tips can help in establishing successful relationships and network better.

Be genuine and keep the reality quotient strong

Networking doesn’t mean that you have to sell yourself in a party or impress twenty people with wisecracks. Instead, if you could manage to have a good conversation with a few of them and secure their trust and lay the foundation of a healthy relationship, you can congratulate yourself to have networked successfully. Most people you interact with will focus on the quality and not quantity of the conversation.

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Preparing helps

If you are a very shy person and cannot manage to come up with topics to talk about instantly in your head when people are looking at you, preparation and practice are 2 Ps to bank upon. Since, you have a basic idea about the guests and people you will be interacting with, you could look up and decide upon a few conversation starters and ice breakers.

Pro Tip: Avoid religion and politics in your list of small talk.

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Discuss yourself at length

It is a very difficult task for introverts to boast about their accomplishments and goals in life in front of other people. But, in order to build new relationships and take people in your trust zone, it is very important as well. Until you tell them what you want to achieve as an entrepreneur in detail, they will never be willing to invest in your company or idea. If it still bothers and scares you, it is okay to script whatever you are saying beforehand.

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Build relationships online

If all else fails, the internet is always there to support you and help you gain important contacts. Different platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc can be used to network and interact with different people even if you haven’t met them before. When you actually meet them, a sense of familiarity prevails which will help you interact with them better and makes the situation less awkward for both the parties.

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