How Entrepreneurship Is Like Powerlifting

Powerlifting to most people is not just exercise; it’s more like liberation and meditation when every pore in your body is sweating but you still keep pushing forward. Entrepreneurship is a lot like that; you push yourself each day to achieve success.

Here are some of the similarities between entrepreneurship and powerlifting:

1. Patience is a requisite

Just like you cannot increase the weight you lift in a day; a company cannot become successful overnight. Patience is a very important virtue to succeed in either case. Your capability to do a certain task will increase with time and experience. As long as you continue to work on it with the right attitude, you can accomplish with time. However, once you get into the groove of either building strength or building a company, it starts to seem relatively easy. The best part is both your strength and company stick with you for a long time.

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2. Having a plan helps

Creating a plan makes both these tasks more systematic and organised and helps you achieve better targets. With a structured plan, powerlifting helps you increase the number of reps and the weights you lift every month. Whilst developing a business, a great business and marketing plan helps you track all factors and accomplish your goal. Not everything will go according to your solid plan always which is why you need to be flexible and be willing to make changes occasionally.

3. Be open to accepting help

In order to obtain success in either field, you need to be coachable. A great coach can help you achieve greater strength in a short span of time in the powerlifting front. Whereas, virtues like humility and willingness to learn from peers and superiors can help an entrepreneur learn a lot about business and prevent him from making big mistakes. It is always good to have someone in your field who is more experienced than you to guide you during difficult and pleasant phases alike.

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4. Mental strength is absolutely crucial

To a lay man, powerlifting might seem like only a physical task, but it isn’t so. Clearing your mind of any kind of doubt is important. In the same way, an entrepreneur can’t compromise on mental strength at any point. He might get through meetings and investments daily, but what grips him in the end of a bad day is his mental strength. An entrepreneur faces steep highs and lows in a short time. Hence, it is very important for an entrepreneur to be mentally strong to not get discouraged and continue believing in himself.

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