Google Allo: all you need to know about the messaging app

Google has come up with its version of a messaging app called Google Allo which will give tough competition to the existing messaging apps-WhatsApp, Hike and Facebook Messenger. The app will be available across all mobile platforms- Android, Windows and iOS.

Here are a few reasons why you should make a switch:

1. In-built Google assistant

The keyword here is “smart” as Allo comes with a built in Google assistant who is pretty much like Apple’s Siri but is in-built in the app’s Application interface. Even though it is not a completely unique idea, Google’s assistant is way ahead in terms of technology and can give information about almost everything.

2. Smart reply

This is a completely unique feature in the messaging app. Based on the pattern of your texts, it suggests potential replies to people’s questions and messages. This can prove to be a great feature for people running late or the ones who are too lazy to type a message.

This feature works for the images people have sent to you as well. For instance, if someone sends you a picture of a puppy, Allo will suggest “Aww, so cute” or “pretty dog” as replies.

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3. Privacy settings

Google has also announced that Allo would offer end-to-end encryption, and that it would delete your conversations after a certain amount of time. Ina addition to this, if you want your conversation to be absolutely private, you can switch to the incognito mode offered by the app. However, incognito mode would mean disabling the assistant.

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4. The extra features

Google Allo has managed to come up some extra features which are quirky, unique and completely intriguing to the user.

  • Whisper/Shout feature

Instead of you requiring putting your text in caps to indicate that you’re shouting the words, you can select the text and increase the size with the help of the in-built option Allo offers. Similarly, for whisper, you can decrease the size of your text to add the “shush” effect.

  • Varied sticker pack

The sticker pack in Allo has a huge variation and you can say almost everything by simply using these stickers.

  • Hinglish replies

Another unique feature which will be a hit with the Indian masses is the availability of Hinglish replies on Allo.

With Allo providing all the features that old messaging apps lacked, it is pretty clear that most people are going to make a switch in the near future.

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