Delhi and Bengaluru drivers get into a fight with taxi aggregators

The ongoing fight between taxi aggregators like Ola and Uber and the drivers who are a part of Drivers and Owners Associations has resulted in an indefinite strike in Bengaluru and Delhi. The offices in Bengaluru and Delhi of Ola and Uber have been ransacked. In this entire situation, the ones who are affected the most are the commuters who avail these services.

“The unions are stopping the cabs and are demanding that the commuters leave the vehicle and they aren’t even letting us take the vehicle to the side of the road.” -said a driver partner associated with Ola and Uber.

This certain strike in Bengaluru was called in order to get better incentives and for the ceasing of attachment of newer cabs by the companies which appearently affects the booking of the already existing vehicles. This was following the strike which was held for more incentives, less number of rides and more incentives for share rides. This led to the Government banning the Ola Share and Uber Pool services. This called for another strike in Delhi outside the transport minister’s house. The issue in Delhi has been in a stalemate for eleven days now.

Bengaluru union went on strike after lengthy discussions with the cab aggregator companies and the state transport commissioner proved to be futile. As per the rules, the rates were fixed at INR 14 and INR 19 for AC and Non-AC vehicles respectively. This has brought down the driver’s salary from INR 80,000 to INR 15,000. Also, Ola has slashed its prices in Bengaluru because of Uber’s growing popularity in India.

“It has been our constant endeavour to provide driver partners with adequate opportunities for growth, financially and as entrepreneurs. We are working closely with local authorities to resolve issues at the earliest and to ensure that mobility needs of customers continue to be served uninterrupted.” -Ola claimed in a blog post

However, after sorting the situation out with their drivers, Ola and Uber have another major battle to fight which is with the Government over the banning of share and pool services. Currently, there has been no decision on that front and both the teams are on decent terms.

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