Catchmates App: Putting the social back in social media

With a catchy tagline proudly claiming “putting the social media in social media”, Catchmates app is offering you another opportunity to fulfil your interests. Did you leave dancing when you left your hometown because you didn’t find a crew? No worries, Catchmates app will help you find a crew to pursue your passion to the fullest.

Catchmates app provides you with an array of facilities:

  • Booking a facility
  • Learning a sport
  • Organising an event
  • Creating and organising groups (like the HOG)
  • Finding a trainer
  • Meeting like-minded people: Check out who shares similar interests in your locality.

Catchmates is an internet based social media app and website which offers you a chance to pursue what you love to do or rekindle with your old passion or even learn something entirely new.

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Currently based in Noida, most deals are NCR centric but they’re expanding to other parts as well. Booking a service on Catchmates app is very easy because all you need to do is select and category and choose a facility. You should be availing the amazing deals!

How Catchmates app came into existence:

“One day I was sitting alone in my Apartment, I was wondering how boring my life is going on and suddenly this thought took me to the flashback of my college days. I was a passionate badminton player in my college days but due to hectic schedule of office and due to lack to sportsman spirit in my flat mates I dropped playing badminton. I was upset that I have not played badminton even once after my college days. At the same time I was thinking what’s stopping me, why I don’t I start playing again, why I am not doing things which really gives me happiness. I have not played badminton because I do not know people of same interest near me.” – Founder of Catchmates app

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The founder then met Rahul who was also a badminton player and played the sport with people nearby. A brilliant idea struck him when he decided to make a WhatsApp group of badminton players nearby. In a short span, over 24 people replied which inspired him to go forth with his idea of Catchmates app which would resolve the issue on a bigger scale.

Check out the website for more details:

Download app from here

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