Bringing out the innovator within you

Every person has an innovator inside them which comes out with time and situations. Owing to the need, some people connect with their inner innovator and fuel their passion to become successful entrepreneurs. However, not everyone is able to channel the innovations they think of, at the correct time or in the correct way, which is why the country lacks entrepreneurs today. Also, just having a creative solution isn’t enough; it is more important to build on it in a way that it benefits the people and solves a purpose.

Expose yourself to the problems around you

To find a solution, there has to be a problem. If a problem doesn’t exist, make one up as entrepreneurs are known to make the people feel like there is one. For instance, anti-aging products do well in the market only because people were made aware of the fact that they are aging which can hamper their looks. Similarly, people buy anti-dandruff products only because they were coaxed into believing that they have dandruff which needs to be gotten rid of.

Unless you explore more, you will not be able to visualise a solution for the issues around you. Since, necessity is the mother of all inventions, you need to find a crucial problem of the status quo to solve in order to innovate.

Think a generation ahead

Just thinking in terms of the current generation isn’t enough to channel the sparks of innovation as your solution to the current problem might become obsolete in the future. In the past, a popular social networking website, Orkut, shut down because it couldn’t keep up with the times and faced tough competition from Facebook. Facebook, on the other hand, managed to emerge as a social media winner despite newer platforms cropping up because Mark Zuckerberg meticulously planned the website’s future while innovating.

However, it is not always possible to know how a new generation will turn out to be but guesses can be made based on the trends and research and this will add more substance and credibility to your innovation.

If these two parameters are kept in mind while innovating, you can make sure that your enterprise will be a successful one.

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Niharika Nandi

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