Advantages and disadvantages of having a Wikipedia page for a brand / startup

Wikipedia is the most popular online encyclopedia which can be edited by anyone and has a neutral point of view on all topics. It is absolutely free and has a high outreach. All popular people, companies, hotels, schools, films, brands and now startups have their Wikipedia page. However, there can be downsides to having a Wikipedia page as well because it is open to all.

Advantages of having a Wikipedia page for startup:

1. Option of putting whatever information you want to

Wikipedia pages can be written by anybody who has a fair knowledge of Sandbox. So, if you employ a Wikipedia page writer to write your page for you, you can elaborate on the successes, achievements and milestones of the company. Because you have independent control over the medium, you can decide to not put information which might tamper with your company’s image.

2. Powerful SEO

If someone searches you company’s name, the Wikipedia result is most likely to show up on the top of the first page. If you don’t have a Wikipedia page, people will have to go through other articles which take time in comparison to the well-documented encylopedia.

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3. Perceived to be reliable

Because Wikipedia doesn’t accept information without citations, it is perceived to reliable and credible. A Wikipedia page cannot be an author’s original work. For every sentence that you write in your Wiki page, you must have state a reference either to an existing article or a newspaper or a movie or a book. The references section of a Wiki page technically is the longest section due to the citations.

4. Talk page

Almost all Wikipedia pages have talk pages which are used by editors to suggest changes and improvements to a certain article. While viewing an article in your laptop, the talk page appeared on the top where as it might be on the bottom for your mobile. You are notified whenever you receive messages in your talk page.

5. Consistency

Articles might be lost in translation when they are translated from one language to other. However, Wikipedia articles are the same viewed by people all over the world which maintains consistency of information.

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Disadvantages of Wikipedia for startup:

1. No guarantee of sustenance

Creating a page on Wikipedia is no big deal; all you need to do is hire somebody who knows sandbox and get one made. However, there is no guarantee that your page will survive the next day because of the strict guidelines laid down by Wikipedia. If the information is not verifiable and available otherwise, Wikipedia deletes it because a Wiki page shouldn’t be the author’s original research or medium of promotion.

2. Vandalism

You might have made your own Wikipedia page very meticulously with selective information provided with a neutral POV. However, because Wikipedia pages are open to all, anyone can come along and edit/ delete/ add information on your page which is why you constantly need to keep monitoring your Wikipedia page always.

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