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Setting up your business website c

Setting up your business website: The essentials

Setting up your business website can feel daunting – there’s a lot that needs to be done
Types of usability testing methods

5 Types of usability testing methods for websites and businesses

Usability testing isn't a one-time thing. It should, therefore, be implemented to explore, assess, and compare the product.
6 websites every aspiring entrepreneur should bookmark

6 websites every aspiring entrepreneur should bookmark

These websites are absolutely important for an entrepreneur to follow as it provides them with information, strategies and also teaches to use the various tools for a successful business experience.
online food ordering and delivery

Why would an aspiring entrepreneur launch online food ordering and delivery website?

Online food ordering and delivery is taking over the traditional phone ordering service or walk-ins at a restaurant.
Flintstop fb

Journey of Flintstop – an E-commerce website selling ‘Something for Everyone’

Flintstop is an e-commerce venture that provides quirky, innovative and unique products. A one stop shop for all the 21st-century products and has something for everyone.
building a first page ranking

10 Highly actionable tactics to building a first page ranking

To get your website to a level that produces leads for your business it’s important to cover the basics in building traffic.
tips to launch your startup

Check all the vital tips to launch your startup

If you are going to start a new business, then there are lots of things that you should always keep in mind.
enhance Mobile UX

How to enhance Mobile UX with mobile scanning technology

Here are ways in which the camera scanning feature has enhanced the mobile user experience.
Young Trendz

Two 21-year-old students sold t-shirts and made 20 crores in two years

Praween KR (21, Bihar) and Sindhuja K (21, Hyderabad), students from NIFT, thought up of an idea of setting up a clothing brand, targeting...
engage in-store customers online

6 ways to engage in-store customers online

Most companies start considering how to approach and engage with customers both in-person and online.
successful online businesses

5 Characteristics common to almost all successful online businesses

Not all websites are doing well because understanding the core of the online market is not easy and requires certain characteristics and features will enhance the website and its offerings.
Improve the Security of Your Business

8 Powerful Ways to Improve the Security of Your Business

Securing a business is of paramount importance just to keep things afloat and balanced.
startups that succeeded with bootstrapping

Some of the startups that succeeded with bootstrapping

Bootstrapping comes with benefits to both businesses and their founders.

‘Brandless’ brand initiates slaughter-free leather

Brandless has come up with exotic leather products - its primary product line comprises travel gear and accessories.
Book Thela

Book Thela: Booklover’s Heaven, Buy Second- Hand Books Online

Riticka Srivastav, a 24-year old entrepreneur started to sell second- hand books online at her website ‘Book Thela’ at throwaway prices in early 2017.
Suchi Mukherjee

Limeroad: Priority over sustainable growth than accelerating scale

Limeroad experienced a hike of 78.5% in revenue when compared with revenue of the financial year 2017 which was 89.73 crore.

OYO commences joint venture with Yahoo Japan Corporation

OYO started a joint venture in Japan with Yahoo Japan Corporation, forming ‘OYO Technology and Hospitality Company’, Japan.
Real Estate Industry

Jacques Poujade Shares: 5 Tips For Those Entering The Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry can be a pretty difficult one to enter starting out.
Enhance Your Business's Branding

5 Ways To Enhance Your Business’s Branding

Branding is not just about the logo of your company or an ‘about us’ page on your website.
Become A Better Leader

9 Powerful Tips To Help You Become A Better Leader In Just 30 Days

Being a leader is not easy.