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The top 5 early symptoms of startup failure

Being aware of the early symptoms of startup failure is very important in defining how to be successful in the future.

7 Things I learned from my first startup failure

People say ‘Startup is like jumping off the cliff and then building a parachute before you hit the ground’. In our case, we did jump off the cliff but didn’t bring the tools to build the parachute.

How to stay motivated after a startup failure

Here are four things to keep in mind to keep your spirit and motivation up after flop of your startup.
Recruitment tips for efficient hiring in startups c

6 Recruitment tips for efficient hiring in startups

As a start-up, it is more critical that you hire the right people.
Initial signs of start-up failure you need to be aware of

5 Initial signs of start-up failure you need to be aware of

Nobody wants their start-up to end up as a failure.

Startup business mistakes to avoid

There are so many risks to navigate, mistakes to avoid, and costs to meet.

15 Important startup lessons for new entrepreneurs

Fifteen CEOs of new and existing companies reflect on what they’ve learned, and impart their best lessons to aspiring startup founders.

9 big Indian startups that shut shop in 2016

While 2015 saw launch of three to four startups a day, the second quarter of 2016 witnessed a lot of layoffs and shutdowns.

The 7 real reasons why startups fail

The market research firm CB Insights recently did a post-mortem on 135 failed startups. The reasons cited, however, fall into seven categories, each consisting of a specific emotional or intellectual limitation.

6 ways to bounce back after experiencing a failure

In case of a failure, instead of being depressed, one should try and work harder to make things better again

The new startup mantra: “learn, try, fail, and repeat”

What if Steve Jobs never created Apple? What if Bill Gates decided to keep his Microsoft idea to himself?

Indian startups need a wake-up call: Narendra Gupta

Lack of focus on long-term benefits among founders and funders is hampering the growth of a healthy ecosystem.

10 Rules for a great startup idea

Even though it’s trendy in startups to say that ideas mean nothing and execution means everything, the reality is much less binary and much more nuanced.

Failure – an inevitable part of success

Taking failure as a learning experience isn’t an easy task, but in order to succeed, you must know what failure is...

Indian Startup Story – Why are Most Startups Feeling the Heat? What’s Next for...

It is well documented now that the Great Indian Startup journey is going through a bumpy ride at the moment. Is it the end of the ‘Gold Rush’?

What every startup and entrepreneur should learn from Sachin Tendulkar

For entrepreneurs there is so much to learn from Sachin Tendulkar. It is not just about having talent but having the ability to nurture it to achieve greatness.

8 Qualities of a startup CEO

What makes some startup CEO great achievers for their organization? Are company founders best suited to be the CEO of the startup?

23 funding lessons for budding entrepreneurs and startups from Shark Tank

The show Shark Tank has some great business lessons for budding entrepreneurs and startups looking for funding and talking to investors for the same.

Why startups fail and what experts have to say about it

Check out the infographic below to learn what you’ll need to look out for when starting a business, and what the best of the best have to say about it.

Don’t kill your dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Life is short. Get Set. Startup

It’s always a great feeling when your work is also what you love to do. A job may or may not provide that option. Entrepreneurship does.