8 ways to expand your business via social media

In the growing age of digitalisation, a start-up’s presence on social media is crucial. Without a strong online existence and brilliant marketing campaigns, your brand could go for a toss.

Here are a few social media tips to expand your business:

1. Build great content

To attract and engage audience on your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages, you need to provide them with amazing and up-to-date content which should be informative and relative at the same time. Nobody wants to read re-done content which is why innovative and fresh content is a necessity. Engage with your audience via blogs, article, photos, videos and other methods.

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2. Build presence across platforms

If you’re present on only one platform, you are reaching out to only a chunk of people. Instead, be active on all the platforms available like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc to attract and engage maximum audience. Post similar but fresh and entertaining content across all platforms for maximum followers.

3. Use analytics to judge your brand

There is a wide plethora of social media analytics tools available through which you can judge your performance and change your strategies accordingly. A few free and popular analytics tools are: Buffer, FollowerWonk, Iconosquare, Google Analytics, Sumall, Quintly etc. If you want to analyse your followers better, you could avail more advanced, paid tools like KeyHole, Brandwatch, Crowdbooster etc.

4. Increase website traffic via social media

Because almost everybody is present on social media today, it makes more sense to garner followers via social media for your website. Have kick-ass plans and set goals to get more followers across platforms. Use the basic tools initially to gain hits and once you’ve mastered them, you can move on to the advanced and more sophisticated tools for more traffic.

5. Tap LinkedIn

It doesn’t matter if your company is small or big; building a presence on LinkedIn is no longer optional. LinkedIn professionals are perceived as credible and through this social networking site, you can build a huge network of professionals in all fields. LinkedIn also provides you with great marketing and sales opportunities via the platform.

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6. Don’t overdo hashtags

The new trend is definitely worth using to build a better connect with the audience. But, social media managers often tend to overdo the hashtag trend and use lame and unnecessary ones which might seem a little OTT. Learn the do’s and don’ts of hashtags and use them accordingly for your Instagram and Twitter posts.

7. Use social media templates

If you’re unsure about how to work your way through social media, use the templates available to save time and effort and maximise your reach at the same time. The two templates you definitely must use are: Social media strategy template to align social media goals to business goals and the social media audit template which assesses your current goals. In addition, you could also use Editorial calendar template, Social media content calendar template, Bulk upload template etc.

8. Strike a balance between your followers and business

You might be very popular across all platforms on social media but if that isn’t bringing you business, the popularity isn’t worth it. Social media isn’t just for creating awareness but also generating leads and finally, sales. So, make sure you incorporate the business plans in your social media strategy as well.

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