8 powerful tips for entrepreneurs to excel as a public speaker

Public speaking is a crucial skill which needs to be mastered by entrepreneurs and great businessmen in order to make an impact during meetings. Most successful people like Shah Rukh Khan, Adolf Hitler, and Mahatma Gandhi are blessed with impressive oratory skills. But, public speaking doesn’t come naturally to everybody; one has to work hard in order to polish this skill and perfect it.

Here are some powerful tips which will help entrepreneurs excel as a great public speaker:

1. Research your audience

It is very important to know your audience before delivering a speech. The tone and the pace will differ in different scenarios- annual general meeting, motivating talk to employees, speech at a conference and so on. Once you know your crowd, you’ll be able to figure out what appeals to them the most and your speech can progress on those lines.

2. Practice relentlessly

Not everyone is capable of reading a speech and making impromptu changes on the spot. If you aren’t very confident as a speaker, make it a point to rehearse your speech before going on stage. Practice the proper pauses and mannerisms you’d want to incorporate in your actual speech. Also, if possible make a list of probable questions you might be asked.

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3. Look impeccable

You will speak confidently only when you feel confident and powerful. A dapper suit or crisp formal attire (for women) will do wonders to boost your self confidence. You will feel more ready and professional and the dose of personal grooming will give people more reason to concentrate on you.

4. Know your stuff

It is very important to research your topic thoroughly before you begin to deliver a speech. Study the trends, stats, fact, figures, history and everything else related to your speech. This will ensure a flow in your speech and great confidence as the more you know, the more self-assured you are likely to be.

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5. Add bursts of humour and wit

No one likes to listen to a speech loaded with boring facts for an hour. If your speech is monotonous, people are likely to become disinterested after a point of time. To keep your speech lively and intriguing, add bursts of socially-acceptable humour and witty wisecracks which will keep the audience engaged. Once you see that the audience is engaged, the rest of your speech will be a cakewalk.

6. Don’t be very hard on yourself

At the end of the day, we are humans and bound to make errors so if you’ve made some up on stage, you don’t need to beat yourself about it. As long as you’ve conveyed your message in the best possible manner, nothing else matters. Stop being your worst critic and killing your morale.

Remember Priyanka Chopra’s answer in the Miss World finale? She won even though her answer was factually incorrect because of her confidence!

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7. Work on your finishing

You wouldn’t want to walk out after giving a speech and leave no impact on your audience. The end needs to be solid and power-packed and it is tough considering your speech’s main body consists of the meaty stuff. Hold a puissant point for the end which will help you leave on a high note.

8. Keep it short!

You might have found a lot of relevant stuff to your topic but all of it doesn’t have to feature in your speech. Put only the most important points in your speech as if you speak too much, people are going to find it drab and lose interest. Instead, keep it short but loaded with useful and essential information.

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