8 must haves for every entrepreneur (according to entrepreneurs)

Some things are necessary to help you sail through a day of particularly difficult tasks and clients. Since, your job is not an easy one and you need stuff to help aid you through these tough days, we have come up with a list which is a mish-mash of essential tools, applications and other knickers of what entrepreneurs believe are the most important things for survival.


According to many entrepreneurs, the application is a life saver as it allows you to organise your files and share files which classifies it as a must have on every entrepreneur list.


For every entrepreneur, looking to launch a new application, this can turn out to be the thing you need as it lets you test apps and gauge interest pre-development regarding the app.

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This beverage keeps you hydrated while the caffeine allows you to feel supercharged and lively throughout the day. And, if you are trying to cut down on caffeine, decaf beverages are the way to go.

Product Hunt

This is an absolute must-have as it lets you find out the trending new tools while also giving you an option of viewing what new products are being released which helps in sharpening your product and development knowledge. If you are an entrepreneur in the tech area, this tool is definitely non-compromisable.

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Most entrepreneurs have called Basecamp a life saver as they use it daily to manage the various types of projects.


Just because the days and your work are getting drab, doesn’t mean you let it be that way. Music like Celtic and instrumental boost your productivity and adds the much needed oomph in your professional life.

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Keeping a note of all the collaborations can be a pain which is when Slack decides to be your best friend and helps you manage them all effortlessly.

A diary

All the technology in the world amounts to a failure when you’re dealing with a creative block. A simple old fashioned approach to the block by using a pen and a paper can help your creative juices flow.

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