7 signs which prove that you were born to be an entrepreneur

Some people are born to become entrepreneurs because of the traits they start displaying at a very young age. If you have had these traits since you can trace back into your childhood, entrepreneurship is definitely your turf:

1. You hate taking orders

The thought of working under someone is unbearable to you and worse of all is having to comply with another person’s orders. You love to learn but blatant submission to orders from a superior is not really your style.

2. Too many ideas

You are the kind who loves to get tasks done in the most innovative ways possible. Because, your mind is a whirlpool of out-of-the-box, unconventional ideas, it is difficult to be at peace with just one.

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3. Money is major motivation

Most entrepreneurs claim that money was a huge motivator as to why they chose to enter the field of entrepreneurship so it is only fair to include this factor. Entrepreneurship is your thing if you want to mint money on your own to be able to afford your lifestyle.

4. You are a hard worker

Entrepreneurship isn’t a piece of cake which is why you need to put in a lot of hard work. There will be days when you want to give up but because you know good things take time, you will stick around and give in your 100%.

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5. Born leader

In your friends group, you are often the most popular choice to become a leader. If you believe you have what it takes to lead a team towards a common goal, entrepreneurship might just be your cup of tea.

6. Work on deadlines

You are used to working on deadlines you set for yourself which makes you disciplined and organised. Unless you have a certain target to work towards, you will never be able to accomplish anything.

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7. Planning is your forte

Planning isn’t just another thing in your schedule; it is what your day revolves around. Giving requisite importance to the much needed details in your schedule is what helps you be organised for the day and the future. It is crucial for an entrepreneur to be an able planner.

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