7 less-known fun facts about the most successful entrepreneurs

All entrepreneurs have struggled to reach where they are today. However, while evaluating their success, we often do not take into consideration the struggles and failures they’ve had to endure and choose to just focus on the successful outcome.

Here are a few things which most people aren’t aware of about the most famous entrepreneurs which will make you view their journey in a new light:

1. Colonel Sanders

The founder of the popular fast food joint KFC didn’t have it easy. He started his venture at the age of 65 which shows that no age is right to do your thing. His famous and most-loved KFC recipe was also rejected by 1009 restaurants before becoming popular.

Colonel Sanders

2. Bill Gates

This man’s story is one of determination and hard work which propelled him to the position of the richest man in the world. However, if you are wondering how rich he is, if Bill gates was a country, he’s be the 37th richest in the world.

Bill Gates

3. JK Rowling

This woman is definitely a genius as she made a whole generation believe in magic through her Harry Potter series. The publishers were unsure about the book doing well because the author was female which is why she chose to use initials “JK” instead of Joanne Kathleen to appeal to her male readers.

JK Rowling

4. Rowland H. Macy

Before starting the super successful chain of Macy’s, Rowland Macy had to face bitter failure as his seven retail ventures had flopped badly which left him with no money.

Rowland H. Macy

5. Soichiro Honda

The founder of one of the most successful automobile companies had to face his fair share of struggles before becoming prosperous. A fun fact about him is that before he founded Honda, he applied for the post of an engineer in Toyota which he got rejected from.

Soichiro Honda

6. Dick Costolo

His invention, Twitter, is a hot favourite among celebrities and global citizen alike. However, very few people know that Costolo was actually a stand-up comedienne who performed routines at local clubs before he started Twitter.

Dick Costolo

7. Warren Buffett

This is one man every entrepreneur must look up to because he is the personification of humility as he shuns unnecessary, extravagant luxuries. Despite being ultra rich, he prefers staying in a humble 3-BHK he purchased 50 years ago and drives a normal car.

Warren Buffett

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