6 ways to make your commutation more productive

A major drawback of working in a start-up in a metropolitan is that you have to spend a lot of time on commutation which is essentially wastage of time. However, by making small changes, you can turn this travelling time into fun and make it productive.

Listed below are 6 ways to make your commutation more productive:

i. Read books or listen to podcasts

The best way to utilise your time if you travel in a public transport is by reading a book. If you are driving and you know the drive is going to be long, you could opt for audio books or podcasts. In this way, your morning commutation is no longer dull and you get to learn something new.

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ii. Carpool

Carpool is the best option for commutation as it saves fuel and money. Apart from that, because you are sharing the car with new people, you always have the option of interacting with them and making your mornings/evenings interactive.

iii. Explore new music genres

What better time to experiment and explore new types of music genres other than when you are commuting? You could connect the internet to your car stereo and listen to the million genres out there and who knows, you might find a new favourite genre!

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iv. Wake up earlier than usual

You can’t zoom through the traffic at the peak hours and steering your way through the horns and jams can give you a massive headache which is why it is advisable to wake up earlier and drive your workplace before the peak traffic hours starts.

v. Sort your mails

If you are travelling by public transport, checking and sorting your mails is the best way to be productive. You can reply to the mails en route your journey and delete the unimportant ones. Doing this saves time in office and helps you be more productive.

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vi. Get updated on the news

You could install apps of leading mainlines on your phone or read newspapers while commuting which gives you your dose of important news in the morning. Reading newspapers (especially business pages) keeps you updated about what is happening in the world and helps in taking decisions.

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