6 ways in which you can recover lost customers

Businesses exist because of the customers and not the other way round. You might be providing your customers with a great service or product at a reasonable rate but if your customer service isn’t strong and prompt, you are bound to lose out on customers. This will not only result in losses but also a dip in the revenue collection which isn’t very good for your business. Thus, your marketing should also focus on retaining back important customers.

Here are 6 ways in which you can recover lost customers:

1. Find out the reasons why they actually left

You need to research on why the customers stopped using your product or service before devising a strategy because only then can you then work on it accordingly. If the customers left because the idea wasn’t good enough, you might need to revamp your entire idea. You may find out that the customer service wasn’t up to the mark and have to make changes on that front which is why research is crucial.

2. Take full responsibility for your actions

What completely puts off customers is the company denying responsibility. Even if you are partly at fault, claim responsibility of your actions and apologise. Fix whatever mistake you’ve committed. The decision to continue with you or leave is theirs, but, you don’t want them to leave with a bitter impression of your company as that might result in bad word of mouth for your company.

3. Send e-mailers

Older customers might feel neglected if you focus heavily on the newer ones only. Retaining customers is a necessity for your business to grow further. One way to gain back lost customers is by sending out e-mails which is basically free of cost with attractive offers and deals. You could also send them “we missed you” e-mails with customised deals. This will make them feel special and they’ll be more likely to avail your services again.

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4. Text messages with incentives might do the trick

Text messages are tricky because no one likes receiving futile texts which don’t hold value for them. Texts should be short and should convey the message to the reader properly. It’s better if you load your text with an incentive like a coupon or a discount which might be a reason for the reader to come back to you and avail your services.
For instance, if you don’t order from Foodpanda for some time, they send a text to the existing customers with amazing deals and offers.

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5. Subtly let them know of the benefits they are missing out on

Remind your customers about the benefits that they can avail if they stick to your company. The approach should be very subtle and customer-centric. Also, if you’ve started something new, ask the lost customers to be the first ones to try it out and review them. You could put up their reviews on your website to make them feel more special.

6. An event might do the trick

Hosting an event for potential and existing customers might help you in getting back some old ones as well. Send out invites to the lost customers and make them feel special and part of your company. If they accept, treat them well and wow them with small surprise packages or fun games with attractive prizes. This trick might seem a little farfetched but if they’re impressed, they will return to your company.

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