6 unique food tech startups in India

Food-tech startups seem to be the newest trend in the Indian entrepreneurial market. It is a million dollar opportunity which basically aims to satiate hunger of millions of customers waiting to avail the services. Zomato, started a few years back is still the biggest food tech company in India but is facing stiff competition from the new startups cropping up.

Some of the unique food-tech startups in India are:


This startup is a unique platform which knows that food tastes best when enjoyed with other people. So, it aims at bringing together people from different walks of time who wish to meet up over food so that a person never has to eat alone.

The Green Snack Co

This company looks to enrich the Indian markets with healthier snack options and their most popular item is kale chips. The snacks are greatly appreciated by health conscious foodies across the country.


Clozerr offers beautiful marketing options to businesses through which they can reach out to their customers and reward them. All customers need to do is check into their favourite restaurant on social media to get rewarded.

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Valencia Nutrition

Valencia nutrition is a food tech startup which appeals to all the fitness freaks as all the foods are loaded with essential nutrients like antioxidants, vitamin C etc. VitaMe (Short for vitalise me), a popular flagship product, is a water based beverage which is available in four flavours- Antioxidant Burst (Apple Twist), Unwind (Litchi-Mint), Electrolite (Guava) and Prebiotic (Watermelon).

Falafel factory

This startup saw the potential of getting Middle Eastern food to India and offers them to the foodies looking for a burst of flavour and impeccable taste. They have central kitchens and partner outlets and the delivery of falafels to the customers is made easy.


This startup plays on the growth of fitness freaks in the country and delivers healthy and balanced meals to whoever needs them at homes and offices.

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