6 tools every creative start-up must work with

As a creative start-up, you need to invest in a lot of things- amazing designers, creative tools, a decor to boost creativity, rounds of caffeine infused beverages etc. However, to get best results and boost creativity further among your group of talented designers, it is crucial to equip them with the right set of tools.

Here are a few tools (software) every creative start-up should invest in:

i. Designinspiration

This tool is a wonderful one for boosting creativity as the quality and diverse range of tools allows your designers brainstorm individually. The uses of this tools is varied and used in the fields of art, designing, architecture, photography, website designing and calligraphy.

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ii. Lightroom

This tool by Adobe Photoshop is a haven for photographers as it helps in exuding their creativity with minimal effort. It helps the creative team manage and edit their stock of photographs and share them on the various platforms as well.

iii. Headspace

Headspace is just like its name as it helps the creative individual get into the right frame of mind. It helps you entire team get rid of stress piled up on them and practice meditation and focus which are pre-cursors to genius creative ideas.

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iv. The Noun Project

The Noun project is an extensive global library which is stacked with icons which are representatives of symbols and concepts and allows the designers to create and build upon the virtual language. It also helps your creative team to simplify and enhance the communication on the visual medium.

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v. Grammarly

Grammarly lets your content creators be confident of their writing and proof reading skills by checking the text for incorrect grammar, punctuation slips and incorrect spellings. Armed with a plagiarism detector, this tool also helps you create unique and fresh content.

vi. Lynda

Packed with unlimited courses in software, designing, photography, illustration etc, a Lynda subscription is a boon to a creative company. It helps your creative team to acquire new skills at work and put them to use effectively.

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