6 reasons why working in a startup is a good idea

Startups are the new trend in India and are cropping by the dozen daily. A lot of people are torn between a 9-5 job and working in a startup because they have their pros and cons. However, working in a startup can prove to be beneficial to your career and boost your confidence.

Here are 6 reasons why you should give working in startups a chance:

1. Opportunities are never ending

Working for a well-settled job might come with a fat pay check but restrict your opportunities greatly. In comparison to that, opportunities of working in a startup are endless. It lets you explore different work profiles and gives you a chance to learn things you would have never bothered to learn in a corporate setup. Also, because you aren’t restricted to a particular department, the sky is the limit in terms of opportunities.

2. Working with a team which is a mixture of people

Startup teams usually have a lot of variation in terms of experience and expertise. You will get to learn from more experienced people who join a startup because they aren’t happy with their current jobs and at the same time will meet people who are inexperienced but can come up with fresh strategies in an instant. So, in terms of working with a team, you will get to expand your horizon greatly while working for a startup.

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3. Innovation and creativity

While corporates might follow a rigid, set-in-stone procedure, startups are open to newer ideas and creative strategies. A team with enthusiastic people brainstorming for new ideas or creative tactics to make an idea work is definitely going to boost your creative juices. Also, the younger bunch of entrepreneurs in the creative space can teach you a lot about innovation which will appeal you.

4. Multi-tasking

Because startups are generally low on budget, a person is expected to multi-task. You might find yourself handling marketing, social media and looking over distribution channels at the same time. While this might seem taxing, it will offer you an opportunity to learn and grow further in all areas. While multi-tasking, you might also realise what you actually enjoy the most.

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5. A more chilled-out atmosphere

This holds true for most startups as the entrepreneurs are young and not bound to a specific 9-5 routine. If you prefer working at night while you blast Alt-J with a pizza, a startup allows you to do that. Also, lack of formal wear and rigid rules is a positive for working in a startup. You might have to work during wee hours of the night, but, there bonding with your little team will definitely make everything worthwhile.

6. You become more experienced to start your own thing

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, it is always better to work with a startup first and learn how the work proceeds. While doing so, you will understand the dos and don’ts of working in a startup and when you have your own idea, running a startup all by yourself will be a smooth ride.

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“If you’re toying with the idea of one day being your own boss, working in a startup is the ideal place to educate yourself on how to set goals, execute strategies, take your product to market and implement strong business operations. You can also be required to take on other, more administrative business tasks, which can actually equip you with great business know-how.” -Adam Arbolino, co-founder and CTO of DesignCrowd.com

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