6 problems Indian start-ups can actually look to solve

A start-up should always be a solution to a problem existing in the society. That will interest your customers and keep them engaged for long. However, often entrepreneurs fail to spot the most common problems which is why we have brought forth a list stating the issues that need to be addressed by start-ups.

1. Public transport

To date, India is counted in the list of countries which does not have a properly planned public transport system. Whilst the condition in metropolitans is decent, smaller and emerging cities like Pune and Bengaluru have terrible options for public transport. The Tier-III cities are even worse off which means companies have a good chance of excelling by venturing into this field.

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2. Sanitation and waste management

While the situation of sanitation and waste management seems to be improving with the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and more start-ups looking into this problem, it is necessary for more creative and sustainable developments to tackle these issues as they’re responsible for most environmental problems.

3. Pollution

The capital city is plagued by air pollution whilst the other parts have to tackle a fair share of air, water and noise pollution. While some companies are looking to provide solutions in this area by inventing smart filters, it is high time other innovators also address the problem of the hour.

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4. Healthcare access

Proper and quick access to healthcare is something the country is still lacking in. The number of hospitals in a city is very less and the ambulances often get stuck in traffic which is why most people are denied basic facilities. Healthcare is necessary and the issue of availability is one problem everyone needs a solution for.

5. Renewable sources

While most countries are moving towards using solar and wind energy, India is lagging behind and is still dependent on the non-renewable ones. The solutions in this field will not only provide energy but also help the planet become more sustainable by reducing the depletion of energy sources and help in restoring ecological balance.

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6. Safety for women

In a country where multiple cases of molestation and rape are reported daily, it is only fitting to start companies which look after the safety of women. There are some apps made by Indians which promote women’s’ safety by utilising GPS tracking, sending alerts to close ones and scream alarms which aim to protect women on the streets.

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