6 Indian educational startups to watch out for

Indian educational sector has always shown a positive growth curve. However, due to numerous start-ups sprouting up, the educational sector has grown massively and come up with new innovations.

Here’s a list of six successful start-ups in the educational sector:

1. Toppr

Founded by H.Goletti and Z.Hayath, this app aspires to provide courses to students aspiring for state board and other entrance exams such as medical entrances and IIT. The app provides students with personalised mock tests to help students learn and become better. This app can be labelled as a great success because it has over 1 lakh downloads which they’ve able to achieve because of reasonable rates at which they offer the courses. The courses range between INR 3000- INR6000.

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2. UpGrad

UpGrad is an innovative concept which aspires to help students who want to learn more and working professionals who want to acquire a better skill set. The start-up offers higher education courses for working professionals. The start-up has an experienced faculty which forms the academia advisory board through which this company provides one-to-one academic and non-academic support for all its students by providing them with live projects, case studies, group assignments, access to live lectures and interactive content.

3. CareerGuide

This app is one of the very few apps which help students on the career front. They have a lot of experts from different fields who provide solution to a question in their respective field. The app’s psychometric assessments help students in figuring out their true aptitude, interest and capabilities which enables them to make good career choices. This app has successfully carved a niche for itself in the edtech sector.

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4. Smartkeeda.com

This revolutionary educational start-up is very dynamically gaining success in the market because it provides questions chapter-wise. These questions are the important one which have very high probability of featuring in your question paper. Also, the site has a lot of short videos which explains to you which questions you should solve first and how. Their team of experts also revert to your doubts timely. Hence, due to multiple USPs, this website is doing well.

5. SimpliLearn

Launched in 2009 by Krishna Kumar, this venture currently has investors funding over $25 million. SimpliLearn aims to help confused people and teach people about more stuff. It provides online certification training courses which help people to decided a career they want to opt. This start-up has helped a lot of Indians who were struggling to find their calling.

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6. Training52.com

Founded by Chirag Gujarati, this portal provides online learning for some of the most common yet important topics designed for students, professionals and entrepreneurs to help them learn new skills. The reason they are doing well is because they provide attractive packages at very cheap prices. They have also come up with video based courses which are a hit with the masses.

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