6 financial resolutions every entrepreneur must make in 2017

With a fresh new year, you should aspire to take some new and intelligent decisions regarding finances of your company. Managing finances in a proper way will help your company grow and become bigger than ever.

Here are six resolutions every entrepreneur must make:

Invest in technology

To manage your finances better and more efficiently, invest in good technology and apps. These apps will help your invest and keep track of your money in hassle free manner. Applications like Mint, Venmo, LearnVest, Budget Boss and Qapital can prove to be very helpful.

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Start paying off debts

Reducing the debt is should be a resolution you stick to for the coming years as well. Due to market instabilities, it is always better to start paying off money to people as you don’t want to be in an embarrassing position later. With fewer financial obligations, you will be able to channel your profits and income in more useful prospects.

Cut back on unnecessary small expenses

Stop paying small amount of money unnecessarily to different causes like ATM fees, gym membership fees etc. The small amount at that point might not seem much but too many small amounts will snowball into a huge sum of money. Thus, instead of throwing away money uselessly, try and cut back on some things.

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Invest smartly

Investing your money is a great strategy, however, you need to be smart about it. Another great strategy you could adopt is to diversify your investments as much as possible so that all your investments aren’t subject to loss during a market crisis or when recession hits.

Secure your assets financially

It is always advisable to secure your company and personal assets financially by choosing the correct insurance which caters to your needs. Investing in the right insurance plan gives you fool-proof protection from crises or emergencies. Also, before zeroing down on one, do a thorough research about the different insurance companies and the offer they have in order to select the best one.

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Upgrade your financial IQ and understanding

It is always better to keep upgrading your financial understanding and IQ every few months because the markets are dynamic. You do not want to be lost when a crisis hits the market or a new tax is introduced. There are a million ways to increase your IQ regarding finances- read more finance books, follow financial news or subscribe to a business podcast.

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