6 crucial lessons which can be learnt from failure

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

Instead of getting dejected by a setback or a failure, we should be treating it as a new opportunity and learning stuff that failure has to teach us. If you haven’t failed, you cannot actually enjoy and value success. Here are some life lessons which you can derive from failure:

i. Own up to your mistakes

You could have done your best and still failed but that doesn’t give you a reason to play the blame-game. If it is your fault, step up and accept your mistake. Most people will stand by you because everyone knows what it is like to fail in life and once you start embracing your failure as a lesson and not a setback, you will find it easier to move on from it.

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ii. Change is the only constant

The previous day you might have been high on a success, but the very next day you might have to face a bitter disappointment. Since, the past cannot be changed, you need to let bygones be bygones and move on. No matter how hard it hit or how bad it feels, you have the future ahead of you on which you need to concentrate more than anything else.

iii. It adds experience

A failure is an experience in itself and it teaches you important things like overcoming your fear, knowledge and resilience which are important qualities. The experience we gain is something nobody can take from us and it makes us stronger from within. It makes one reflect on certain things and in the course build a deeper understanding.

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iv. Always be prepared for the worst

If you aren’t preparing to face the worst, it will come as a huge blow to you when something goes wrong. Whilst charting out a plan, mention what can go wrong and how adversely it might affect you. Once, you’ve plotted the negative outcomes, you can come up with alternate plans for the situation. This way, you will be absolutely ready for anything that comes your way.

v. Treat failure as your most powerful weapon

Failure shouldn’t be treated as a hindrance; instead, treat it like your weapon which will help you succeed. Edison failed 1000 times before making a light bulb work and claimed to learn the 990 ways a bulb would never work. That is exactly the spirit we need to treat failure with. Instead of treating failure as a liability, take the lessons out of it and sharpen your skills for the future.

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vi. Failure is essential for success

Failure can teach you a lot about success in life. Because you’ve been stung by failure, you will be more likely to value success when it comes your way. Otherwise, you’d treat success as something unimportant and irrelevant if it was handed over to you but because you have a comparison, it is dearer to you.

Also, you learn that failure isn’t the end of a road; it’s just a bump you need to conquer to get to the end.

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